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The media’s aberration over Trump’s Helsinki achievement and the declared Russia-gate aspersion able new base on Monday, says Joe Lauria

SimpleTruth (@SimpleTruth10U) | Twitter - simple truth organic goddess dressing
SimpleTruth (@SimpleTruth10U) | Twitter – simple truth organic goddess dressing | simple truth organic goddess dressing

By Joe LauriaSpecial to Consortium News

The acknowledgment of the U.S. enactment media and several political leaders to Admiral Donald Trump’s columnist appointment afterwards his acme affair with Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin on Monday has been stunning.

Writing in The Atlantic, James Fallows said:

“There are actually two accessible explanations for the base achievement the apple witnessed on Monday, from a confined American president.

Either Donald Trump is apace an abettor of Russian interests—maybe witting, maybe unwitting, from abhorrence of blackmail, in achievement of approaching deals, out of audacious account for Vladimir Putin, out of acknowledgment for Russia’s advice during the election, out of affecting disability to see above his 306 balloter votes. Whatever the exact admixture of motives ability be, it doesn’t actually matter.

Or he is so greatly ignorant, insecure, and egotistic that he did not  realize that, at every step, he was advancing the band that Putin hoped he would advance, and the band that the American intelligence, defense, and law-enforcement agencies best dreaded.

Conscious tool. Useful idiot. Those are the choices, admitting both are possibly true, so that the capital catechism is the accommodation … never afore acquire I apparent an American admiral consistently, repeatedly, publicly, and shockingly beforehand the interests of addition country over those of his own government and people.”

As anon as the columnist appointment concluded CNN cut to its console with these words from TV personality Anderson Cooper: “You acquire been watching conceivably one of the best blameworthy performances by an American admiral at a acme in advanced of a Russian leader, surely, that I’ve anytime seen.”

David Gergen, who for years has gotten abroad with assuming himself on TV as an candid political sage, afresh told CNN viewers:

“I’ve never heard an American Admiral allocution that way but I anticipate it is abnormally accurate that aback he’s with addition like Putin, who is a thug, a world-class thug, that he abandon with him afresh and afresh adjoin his own country’s interests of his own institutions that he runs, that he’s in accusation of the federal government, he’s in accusation of these intelligence agencies, and he basically dismisses them and retreats into this, we’ve heard it before, but on the all-embracing date to allocution about Hillary Clinton’s computer server …”

SimpleTruth (@SimpleTruth10U) | Twitter - simple truth organic goddess dressing
SimpleTruth (@SimpleTruth10U) | Twitter – simple truth organic goddess dressing | simple truth organic goddess dressing

“It’s embarrassing,” interjected Cooper.

“It’s embarrassing,” agreed Gergen.

White House contributor Jim Acosta, evidently an cold reporter, afresh gave his opinion: “I anticipate that sums it up nicely. This is the admiral of the United States about demography the chat of the Russian president…over his own intelligence community. It was astonishing, aloof amazing to be in the allowance with the U.S. admiral and the Russian admiral on this analytical catechism of acclamation interference, and to retreat aback to these talking credibility about DNC servers and Hillary Clinton’s emails aback he had a adventitious appropriate there in advanced of the apple to acquaint Vladimir Putin to break the HELL out of American democracy, and he didn’t do it.”

In added words Trump should aloof shut up and not catechism a ambiguous indictment, which Acosta, like about all the media, amusement as a conviction.

The Media’s Handlers

The media’s handlers were alike worse than their assets. Above CIA administrator John Brennan tweeted: “Donald Trump’s columnist appointment achievement in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the beginning of ‘high crimes & misdemeanors,.’ It was annihilation abbreviate of treasonous. Not abandoned were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the abridged of Putin. Republican Patriots: Area are you???”

Here’s area the Republican Patriots are, Brennan: “That’s how a columnist appointment sounds aback an Asset stands aing to his Handler,” above RNC Chairman Michael Steele tweeted.

Representative Liz Cheney, the babe of the above carnality president, said on Twitter: “As a affiliate of the House Armed Services Committee, I am acutely afflicted by Admiral Trump’s aegis of Putin adjoin the intelligence agencies of the U.S. & his advancement of moral adequation amid the U.S. and Russia. Russia poses a grave blackmail to our civic security.”

All these were reactions to Trump cogent skepticism about the U.S. accusation on Friday of 12 Russian intelligence agents for allegedly interfering in the 2016 U.S. presidential acclamation while he was continuing aing to Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin at the columnist appointment afterward their acme affair in Helsinki.

“I will say this: I don’t see any acumen why it would be” Russia, Trump said. “I acquire abundant aplomb in my intelligence people, but I will acquaint you that Admiral Putin was acutely able and able in his abnegation today.”

SimpleTruth (@SimpleTruth10U) | Twitter - simple truth organic goddess dressing
SimpleTruth (@SimpleTruth10U) | Twitter – simple truth organic goddess dressing | simple truth organic goddess dressing

The indictments, which are abandoned ambiguous accusations, formally accused 12 associates of the GRU, Russian aggressive intelligence, of burglary Democratic Affair emails in a hacking operation and giving the abstracts to WikiLeaks to broadcast in adjustment to accident the antagonism of Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton. The indictments were arise on Friday, three canicule afore the summit, with the bright ambition of accepting Trump to aish it. He abandoned cries from the media and Congress to do so.

Over the weekend Michael Smerconish on CNN actually said the indictments accustomed that Russia had committed a “terrorist attack” adjoin the United States. This is in band with abounding pundits who are comparing this indictment, that will best acceptable never aftermath any evidence, to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. The crisis inherent in that cerebration is clear. 

Putin said the allegations are “utter nonsense, aloof like [Trump] afresh mentioned.” He added: “The final cessation in this affectionate of altercation can abandoned be delivered by a trial, by the court. Not by the executive, by the law enforcement.” He could acquire added not by the media. 

Trump analytic questioned why the FBI never advised the computer servers of the Democratic Civic Committee to see whether there was a drudge and who may acquire done it. Instead a clandestine company, CrowdStrike, assassin by the Democratic Affair advised the server and aural a day abhorrent Russia on actual arguable grounds.

“Why haven’t they taken the server?” Trump asked. “Why was the FBI told to leave the appointment of the Democratic Civic Committee? I’ve been apprehensive that. I’ve been allurement that for months and months and I’ve been tweeting it out and calling it out on amusing media. Area is the server? I appetite to know, area is the server and what is the server saying?”

But actuality a poor communicator, Trump afresh mentioned Clinton’s missing emails, acceptance the media to conflate the two altered servers, and be calmly absolved as Gergen did.

At the columnist conference, Putin offered to acquiesce American board from the aggregation of appropriate admonition Robert Mueller, who put the accusation together, to biking to Russia and booty allotment in interviews with the 12 accused Russian agents. He additionally offered to set up a collective cyber-security accumulation to appraise the affirmation and asked that in acknowledgment Russia be accustomed to catechism bodies of absorption to Moscow in the United States.

“Let’s altercate the specific issues and not use the Russia and U.S. accord as a apart change for this centralized political struggle,” Putin said.

On CNN, Christiane Amanpour declared Putin’s bright action “obfuscation.”

Even if Trump agreed to this reasonable angle it seems awful absurd that his Justice Department will go forth with it. Examination of whatever affirmation they acquire to aback up the accusation is not what the DOJ is after. As I wrote about the indictments in detail on Friday:

SimpleTruth (@SimpleTruth10U) | Twitter - simple truth organic goddess dressing
SimpleTruth (@SimpleTruth10U) | Twitter – simple truth organic goddess dressing | simple truth organic goddess dressing

“The acutely alien achievability of aesthetics were not what Mueller was allegedly after, but rather the accessible acumen of Russia’s answerability consistent from delirious media advantage of what are afterwards all abandoned accusations, presented as admitting it is accustomed fact. Once that consequence is acclimatized into the accessible consciousness, Mueller’s mission would arise to be accomplished.”

Still No ‘Collusion’

The indictments did not accommodate any associates of Trump’s attack aggregation for “colluding” with the declared Russian hacking effort, which has been a amount accusation throughout the two years of the declared Russia-gate scandal. Those allegations are commonly appear in U.S. media as accustomed fact, admitting there is still no affirmation of collusion.

Trump emphasised that point in the columnist conference. “There was no bunco at all,” he said forcefully. “Everybody knows it.”

On this point accumulated media has been added bamboozled than accustomed as they clamp for straws to prove the bunco theory. As one archetype of abounding beyond the media with the aforementioned theme, a New York Times story on Friday, headlined, “Trump Invited the Russians to Drudge Clinton. Were They Listening?,” said Russia may acquire absurdly responded to Trump’s alarm at 10:30 a.m. on July 27, 2016 to drudge Clinton’s clandestine email server because it was “on or about” that day that Russia allegedly aboriginal fabricated an attack to drudge Clinton’s claimed emails, according to the indictment, which makes no affiliation amid the two events.

If Russia is actually accusable of accidentally hacking the emails it would acquire had no axiomatic charge of abetment from anyone on the Trump team, let abandoned a accessible alarm from Trump on civic TV to arise the operation.

More importantly, as Twitter handle “Representative Press” pointed out: “Trump’s July 27, 2016 alarm to acquisition the missing 30,000 emails could not be a ‘call to drudge Clinton’s server’ because at that point it was no best online. Long afore Trump’s statement, Clinton had already turned over her email server to the U.S. Department of Justice.” Either the accusation was talking about altered servers or it is actuality carefully ambiguous aback it says “on or about July 27, 2016, the Conspirators attempted afterwards hours to spearphish for the aboriginal time email accounts at a area hosted by a third affair provider and acclimated by Clinton’s claimed office.”

This acute actuality alone, that Clinton had angry over the server in 2015 so that no drudge was possible, makes it absurd that Trump’s TV alarm could be apparent as collusion. Abandoned a atrocious actuality would see it otherwise.

But there is a simple account why enactment journalists are in accord in their ascendant Russian narrative: it is career suicide to catechism it.

As Samuel Johnson said as far aback as 1745: “The greatest allotment of flesh acquire no added acumen for their opinions than that they are in appearance …since vanity and acceptance abet in its favour.”

SimpleTruth (@SimpleTruth10U) | Twitter - simple truth organic goddess dressing
SimpleTruth (@SimpleTruth10U) | Twitter – simple truth organic goddess dressing | simple truth organic goddess dressing

Importance of US-Russia Relations

Trump said the ambiguous accusation of bunco “has had a abrogating appulse aloft the accord of the two bigger nuclear admiral in the world. We acquire 90 percent of nuclear ability amid the two countries. It’s ridiculous. It’s antic what’s activity on with the probe.”

The American admiral said the U.S. has been “foolish” not to attack chat with Russia before, to abet on a ambit of issues.

“As president, I cannot accomplish decisions on adopted action in a abortive accomplishment to allay accessory critics or the media or Democrats who appetite to do annihilation but abide and obstruct,” Trump said. “Constructive chat amid the United States and Russia assiduously the befalling to accessible new pathways adjoin accord and adherence in our world. I would rather booty a political accident in following of accord than to accident accord in following of politics.”

This capital acumen for summits amid Russian and American leaders was additionally ignored: to use address to abate alarming tensions. “I actually anticipate the apple wants to see us get along,” Trump said. “We are the two abundant nuclear powers. We acquire 90 percent of the nuclear. And that’s not a acceptable thing, it’s a bad thing.” 

Preventing acceptable relations amid the two countries appears to be the affection of the amount for U.S. intelligence and their media assets. So Trump was vilified for alike trying. 

Ignoring the Rest of the Story

Obsessed as they are with the “interference” story, the media around abandoned the added acute issues that came up at the summit, such as the Middle East.

Trump array of thanked Russia for its efforts to defeat ISIS. “When you attending at all of the advance that’s been fabricated in assertive sections with the aishment of ISIS, about 98 percent, 99 percent there, and added things that acquire taken abode that we acquire done and that, frankly, Russia has helped us with in assertive respects,” he said.

Trump actuality is falsely demography credit, as he has before, for acquisition ISIS with abandoned some “help” from Russia. In Iraq the U.S. led the way adjoin ISIS analogous the Iraqi and Kurdish aegis forces. But in the abstracted war adjoin ISIS in Syria, Russia, the Syrian Arab Army, Kurdish forces, Iranian troops and Hizbullah militias were about actually amenable for ISIS’ defeat.

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Also on Syria, Trump appeared to endorse what is actuality appear as a accord amid Russia and Israel in which Israel would acquire Bashar al-Assad actual as Syrian president, while Russia would assignment on Iran to get it to aish its armament abroad from the arctic Golan Heights, which Israel illegally considers its bound with Syria.

After a affair in Moscow aftermost anniversary with Putin, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he accustomed Assad actual in power.

“President Putin additionally is allowance Israel,” Trump said at the columnist conference. “We both batten with Bibi Netanyahu. They would like to do assertive things with account to Syria, accepting to do with the assurance of Israel. In that respect, we actually would like to assignment in adjustment to advice Israel. Israel will be alive with us. So both countries would assignment jointly.”

Trump additionally said that the U.S. and Russian militaries were analogous in Syria, but he did not go as far as adage that they had agreed to action calm there, which has been a longstanding angle of Putin’s dating aback to September 2015, aloof afore Moscow intervened militarily in the country.

“Our militaries acquire gotten forth apparently bigger than our political leaders for years,” Trump said. “Our militaries do get forth actual well. They do alike in Syria and added places.”

Trump said Russia and the U.S. should abet in altruistic abetment in Syria.

“If we can do commodity to advice the bodies of Syria get aback into some anatomy of apartment and on a altruistic basis…that’s what the chat was, a altruistic basis,” he said. “I anticipate both of us would be actual absorbed in accomplishing that.”

Putin said he had agreed on Sunday with French Admiral Emmanuel Macron on a collective accomplishment with Europe to bear altruistic aid. “On our behalf, we will accommodate aggressive burden aircraft to bear altruistic cargo. Today, I brought up this affair with Admiral Trump. I anticipate there’s affluence of things to attending into,” Putin said. 

Joe Lauria is editor-in-chief of Consortium News and a above contributor for The Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Sunday Times of London and abundant added newspapers. He can be able at and followed on Twitter @unjoe .

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SimpleTruth (@SimpleTruth10U) | Twitter - simple truth organic goddess dressing
SimpleTruth (@SimpleTruth10U) | Twitter – simple truth organic goddess dressing | simple truth organic goddess dressing

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SimpleTruth (@SimpleTruth10U) | Twitter – simple truth organic goddess dressing | simple truth organic goddess dressing

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