I am Vader Long Sleeve Skater Dress Costume
I am Vader Long Sleeve Skater Dress Costume | tween skater dress

Five Reasons Why Tween Skater Dress Is Common In USA | Tween Skater Dress

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ST. LOUIS, MO–(Marketwire -10/07/11)- This anniversary season, Build-A-Bear Workshop® (NYSE: – News) is agreeable Guests to get their ambition on. With aboriginal bristling accompany from the latest anniversary movies, archetypal and celebrity characters, hi-tech Kinect enabled bears, ability that accord back, anniversary traditions, customized presents and fun stocking stuffers, Build-A-Bear Workshop will be on everyone’s ambition account this year. Whether you are a developed up analytic for the absolute blimp beastly for that appropriate someone, or a adolescent advertent the joy of creating a alone bristling friend, Build-A-Bear Workshop invites all of its Guests to analysis out the arrangement of allowance options that are abiding to accompany smiles continued afterwards the division is over.

I am Vader Long Sleeve Skater Dress Costume - tween skater dress
I am Vader Long Sleeve Skater Dress Costume – tween skater dress | tween skater dress


Erik and Accompany from “Happy Anxiety Two” Erik, the newest “Happy Feet” character, curtains his way into Build-A-Bear Workshop food this anniversary division aloof as the sequel, “Happy Anxiety Two,” arrives in cine theaters. This beautiful and admiring son of Mumble, the world’s best acclaimed tap-dancing penguin, is abiding to top every kid’s ambition list. Make-your-own Erik ($23) appearance a light-up bow. You can dress him in the Red Nordic Sweater ($8.50), Red Nordic Sherpa Hat & Bandage ($7.50), archetypal jeans ($5), and atramentous elastic boots ($7.50). “Happy Anxiety Two” characters, Lovelace, Sven and Boadicea ($10 anniversary or $7.50 aback you acquirement two or more), are accessible as pre-stuffed mini accompany — absolute for stocking stuffers. “Happy Anxiety Two” in 3D is appointed to premiere in theaters on November 18.

Alvin and Brittany Admirers of Alvin and the Chipmunks™ will be captivated aback the stars of the accessible movie, “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked!,” strut their being beeline off of the red carpet, and into Build-A-Bear Workshop stores.

“Make-your-own” Alvin and Brittany ($23 each) arise for a apprenticed time (like any A-listers), so don’t absence your adventitious to commence on a anniversary adventitious with this adorable duo. Alvin comes antic a hip Hawaiian tee. Add a glossy white tux ($13.50) or sweatshirt that plays music ($10.50) and he’s apprenticed to woo anyone on your allowance list. Brittany comes with a blush blooper dress. Add the fruit-filled salsa dancing accouterments ($13.50) and go bananas! Cine characters, Simon, Theodore, Jeanette and Eleanor ($12 anniversary or $10 anniversary aback you acquirement two or more), are accessible as pre-stuffed mini accompany (all dressed in island garb), for your stocking stuffers. “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked!” is set for absolution on December 16.

Disney Cars 2This bristling acquaintance makes the absolute pajama affair pal! Marble Monkey($18) can be dressed in Disney’s Cars 2 pajamas ($12.50) and slippers ($6).

Victoria Justice 4 BABW Build-A-Bear Workshop continues its affiliation with the accepted boyhood extra and singer, Victoria Justice, and will acquaint new fashions this anniversary division to its Victoria Justice 4 BABW accoutrement band for blimp animals. This Blessed Hugs Teddy ($16) is absolutely hip and air-conditioned cute! This fashionista makes the absolute different allowance dressed in a Victoria Justice 4 BABW Jade Bling Dress with Purse ($13.50) and atramentous gem bow heels ($7.50).

Plus Sophie Boutique Crochet Lace Skater Dress | Boohoo - tween skater dress
Plus Sophie Boutique Crochet Lace Skater Dress | Boohoo – tween skater dress | tween skater dress


Furry Accompany Now Accessible in “Kinectimals Now with Bears” Guests can go from aerial blow to aerial tech this anniversary season. Baddest blimp animals awash in all Build-A-Bear Workshop food and buildabear.com® can be alien into the new Kinect for Xbox 360 game, “Kinectimals Now with Bears.” Anniversary of the four bears includes a appropriate “Kinectimals” hangtag featuring a Microsoft Tag that imports these bristling accompany appropriate into the d aback scanned with the Kinect for Xbox 360. With agreeable activities including training, caring for and arena with their cubs and embarking on challenges beyond two abstruse islands, “Kinectimals Now with Bears,” invites kids of all ages to actualize abiding friendships with some of the world’s best alien creatures and now their admired Build-A-Bear Workshop bristling friends. The blimp animals from the Build-A-Bear Workshop Collection that will be Kinect enabled include:

SPIRIT OF GIVINGThe holidays are a absolute time to boutique for ability that account others and accord to communities. Build-A-Bear Workshop offers a array of blimp animals that accord aback to causes that abutment animals, children’s bloom and wellness, and articulacy and education.

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Dashing Dachshund This anniversary division advice absolute animals with the latest acquaintance in the Bearemy’s Kennel Pals® series. Aback Guests acquirement this 16 inch Dachshund ($22), one dollar is donated to the Build-A-Bear Workshop Buck Hugs Foundation to be accepted to organizations alive to abutment calm pet programs throughout the United States and Canada. This pup has billowing aerial and a active appendage and can be dressed in a array of outfits, including a striped snowflake dog sweater ($8), a red bridle and collar ($5), and a hat and bandage set ($7.50). A six inch Mini Dachshund is accessible for $6.

WWF Fennec Fox This beautiful fox makes a fun allowance for any beastly lover. Build-A-Bear Workshop donates one dollar from the auction of anniversary WWF Fennec Fox ($25) to the Apple Wildlife Fund to assure endangered animals and their habitats. Apprentice added at www.worldwildlife.org.

Burgundy Round Neck Lace Skater Dress | Missguided - tween skater dress
Burgundy Round Neck Lace Skater Dress | Missguided – tween skater dress | tween skater dress

Champ – A Champion Fur Kids™ With bond on its anxiety and ears, a smile on its face and a affection patch, the newest Champ – A Champion Fur Kids ($18) is accessible for allowance giving. Aback you buy this beary appropriate teddy, one dollar from your acquirement is donated to the Build-A-Bear Workshop Buck Hugs Foundation which supports children’s bloom and wellness causes such as adolescent diabetes, autism, children’s blight research, diet and adolescent safety. Since aboriginal introducing Champ – A Champion Fur Kids in 2006, Build-A-Bear Workshop has aloft added than $800,000 to abutment accouchement and families. Champ is apparent in a fleet and white bare hoodie ($7), archetypal jeans ($5), atramentous sunglasses ($4.50), and atramentous canvas high-tops ($7.50).

Read Teddy® Accord the allowance of Apprehend Teddy ($18) and abutment a aces cause. For every acquirement of this caramel-colored cub, 50 cents is donated to Aboriginal Book to accommodate new books to accouchement from low-income families and 50 cents to the Build-A-Bear Workshop Buck Hugs Foundation to abutment added articulacy and apprenticeship programs. It’s the paw-fect allowance for agents or anyone who loves to apprehend and can be styled anyhow you like! Apparent in a blush striped sweater ($8.50), blush pleated bond brim ($6), amethyst owl hat ($5.50), and bling cossack ($9).

HOLIDAY THEMED Send a little anniversary acclamation to anybody on your allowance account by bathrobe any of the added than 30 bristling accompany at Build-A-Bear Workshop in a appropriate anniversary outfit. We’ve called Shaggy Pup, Bearemy®, Blessed Hugs Teddy, Tabby Kitty and Marble Monkey to archetypal the latest melancholia fashions.

Christmas Timberline Shaggy PupGive a little Christmas acclamation with this blimp Shaggy Pup ($18) dressed in a Christmas timberline apparel ($12.50), archetypal jeans ($5) and atramentous elastic boots ($7.50).

Bearemy SantaHo, ho, ho! Bearemy is dressed in a appropriate Santa apparel ($12.50), Santa bristles ($1.50), and atramentous elastic boots ($7.50) to accomplish admirable Christmas wishes appear true.

Happy Hugs Mrs. SantaHappy Hugs Teddy ($16) is accessible for the holidays in a Mrs. Claus dress ($12.50) and red clover checky flats ($7.50).

Product Name:Girls Gingham Print Skater Dress, Category ..
Product Name:Girls Gingham Print Skater Dress, Category .. | tween skater dress

Tabby Kitty and Marble Monkey Bonbon Elves Santa needs his elves! Tabby Kitty ($18) and Marble Monkey ($18) can be dressed in these bonbon elf apparel ($10.50) and analogous shoe and hat set ($6).

Happy Hanukkah BearSend Hanukkah hugs with this blimp Blessed Hugs Teddy ($16) dressed in a dejected clover anorak dress ($12.50) and gem bow heels ($7.50).

Ice Skater Arctic Polar Buck Score paw-fect marks aback you accord this amount skating Arctic Polar Buck ($20) to addition you adulation this anniversary season. Dress the soft, caressible cub in a appealing dejected ice skating accouterments ($12.50), applique on some white fur pom ice skates ($9) and arch out to the rink.

All that Glitters Winter Wonder Teddy Whether benumbed in Santa’s sleigh or tucked beneath the tree, the teddy buck is an constant attribute of the anniversary spirit that brings out balmy thoughts of childhood, friendship, assurance and love. With sparkling appearance from arch to paw, including a snowflake nose, this new Winter Wonder Teddy ($20) is abiding to accompany a smile to anyone of your list. Apparent cutting a white applique sweater set ($12.50), white gem fur boots ($9) and white faux fur bows ($2).


One of the best things about Build-A-Bear Workshop is the befalling to accomplish or buy a different gift, add a customized, signature complete or abstract bulletin and accord it to addition special. From brace to new parents, sports admirers to foodies, tweens to boxy guys, Build-A-Bear Workshop has article for anybody and every budget.

13 Great Shopping Resources for Tweens | Real Simple - tween skater dress
13 Great Shopping Resources for Tweens | Real Simple – tween skater dress | tween skater dress

Bride Pawfectly Huggable Bunny & Groom Curly TeddyFor the blessed brace adulatory a December wedding, this brace is a beary appropriate allowance they’ll abundance for years. Bunny Bride ($18) comes dressed in a bells clothes with veil, dejected garter, boutonniere ($15) and argent bow heels ($7.50). Teddy Groom ($16) comes dressed in a cape accouterments ($12.50) and chic tie loafers ($7.50).

Bundle of Joy Sweet Clover TeddyA beary appropriate allowance to bless the newest arrival! This blimp Sweet Clover Teddy ($16) looks adored in a chicken childhood and bib accouterments ($8). Clover Teddy meets asthma & abhorrence affable standards according to the Abhorrence Foundation of America.

Bearemy Teddy in New York Yankees™ UniformMake a hit with sports admirers by alms a bristling acquaintance decked out in Major League or academy aggregation sports gear. Apparent Bearemy ($12) is dressed in an accurate teddy buck MLB™ New York Yankees compatible complete with jersey, belted pants, stirrups, hat ($16), white socks ($2), able-bodied shoes ($7.50) and bat, brawl and cuff set ($5).

Chef Blessed Hugs Teddy This adept chef blimp Blessed Hugs Teddy ($16) will accomplish the absolute allowance for your admired baker or hostess. Includes white jacket, atramentous and white arrested pants and white chef’s hat ($12).

Harley-Davidson® Rider Bearemy® Cruise in appearance with this air-conditioned Harley gift. This blimp Bearemy Teddy ($12) comes dressed in a Harley-Davidson® tee ($7), archetypal jeans ($5), and atramentous elastic boots ($7.50). Add the costly motorcycle ($18) and vroom-vroom!


Lyst – Macy’S Mesh Panel Skater Dress in Black – tween skater dress | tween skater dress

Moms, dads and grandparents can accomplish every ambition appear accurate with Buck Buck$® Allowance Cards (sized aloof appropriate for capacity in stockings). Build-A-Bear Workshop allows accouchement to ascertain (or an developed to rediscover) the abracadabra of allotment a new acquaintance and bringing it to activity with a best heart, again capacity it, bathrobe it, allotment it, and arena with it at home and online at Bearville.com™. Add a signature complete to any bristling acquaintance for added customization. Aback purchased online, Guests can adapt an e-gift agenda with a message, appearance and appropriate background.

Virtual ability are additionally accepted stocking stuffers. Anyone who receives a bristling acquaintance from Build-A-Bear Workshop can annals their acquaintance for chargeless on Bearville.com, the online ball destination and basic apple area accompany adhere out, comedy amateur and watch videos and more. Acquirement “Bearville.com V.I.B.” Subscription Cards and Bearville Outfitters® Basic Being Bold Cards to use at the Bearville Outfitters abundance and enhance the basic apple experience! A appropriate benefit will be featured on V.I.B. cards through the holidays — buy three months and get 1 benefit month; buy six months and get two benefit months; and buy 12 months and get three benefit months. Also, a allocation of the gain from the auction of anniversary Bearville Outfitters agenda can be donated to baddest charities of the Guest’s best aback adored at Bearville.com.

Get your ambition account accomplished by arcade at any Build-A-Bear Workshop abundance or online at buildabear.com®. Download the Build-A-Bear® App for chargeless from the iTunes® App Abundance (or at www.itunes.com/appstore) to analysis out what’s hot, accept appropriate offers, acquisition food and apprentice about fun ancestors anniversary activities and ability projects.

About Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. is the alone all-around aggregation that offers an alternate make-your-own blimp beastly retail-entertainment experience. There are added than 400 Build-A-Bear Workshop food worldwide, including company-owned food in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland, and authorization food in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, Mexico and South America. Founded in St. Louis in 1997, Build-A-Bear Workshop is the baton in alternate retail. Brands accommodate make-your-own Major League Baseball® amulet in-stadium locations, and Build-A-Dino® stores. Build-A-Bear Workshop extends its in-store alternate acquaintance online with its accolade acceptable basic apple Web armpit at bearville.com®. The aggregation was called to the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For® lists for the third year in a row in 2011. Build-A-Bear Workshop (NYSE: – News) acquaint absolute acquirement of $401.5 actor in budgetary 2010. For added information, alarm 888.560.BEAR (2327) or appointment the company’s award-winning Web armpit at buildabear.com®.

TRADEMARKSWe would like to acknowledge you for your absorption in accoutrement our business. As you address your story, we would ask that you use our abounding Name: Build-A-Bear Workshop® and that aback referencing the action of authoritative blimp animals you use the chat “make” not “build.” Build-A-Bear Workshop is our acclaimed barter name and our registered brand of Build-A-Bear Retail Management, Inc. Build-A-Bear Workshop® should alone be acclimated in basic belletrist to accredit to our articles and casework and should not be acclimated as a verb.

HAPPY FEET TWO and all accompanying characters and elements are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Ball Inc.

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Five Reasons Why Tween Skater Dress Is Common In USA | Tween Skater Dress – tween skater dress
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