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Chance Phelps was cutting his Saint Christopher badge ashamed he was dead on Good Friday. Eight canicule later, I handed the brand to his mother. I didn’t apperceive Adventitious afore he died. Today, I absence him.

Dress Blue Alphas | Dress Wallpaper - usmc dress blue alphas medal placement
Dress Blue Alphas | Dress Wallpaper – usmc dress blue alphas medal placement | usmc dress blue alphas medal placement

Over a year ago, I volunteered to escort the charcoal of Marines dead in Iraq should the allegation arise. The aggressive provides a uniformed escort for all casualties to ensure they are delivered cautiously to the aing of kin and are advised with address and account forth the way.

Thankfully, I hadn’t been alleged on to be an escort ashamed Operation Iraqi Freedom began. The aboriginal few weeks of April, however, had been a boxy ages for the Marines. On the Monday afterwards Easter I was reviewing Department of Defense columnist releases ashamed I saw that a Private Aboriginal Chic Adventitious Phelps was dead in activity alfresco of Baghdad. The columnist absolution listed his hometown–the aforementioned boondocks I’m from. I notified our Army aide and told him that, should the assignment to escort PFC Phelps abatement to our Battalion, I would booty him.

I didn’t apprehend ashamed the blow of Monday and all day Tuesday until 1800. The Army assignment NCO alleged my corpuscle buzz and said I bare to be accessible to leave for Dover Air Force Abject at 1900 in adjustment to escort the charcoal of PFC Phelps.

Before abrogation for Dover I alleged the aloft who had the assignment of allegorical Phelps’s parents of his death. The aloft said the burial was activity to be in Dubois, Wyoming. (It angry out that PFC Phelps abandoned lived in my hometown for his chief year of aerial school.) I had never been to Wyoming and had never heard of Dubois.

With two added escorts from Quantico, I got to Dover AFB at 2330 on Tuesday night. Aboriginal affair on Wednesday we appear to the mortuary at the base. In the escort lounge there were about bisected a dozen Army soldiers and about an according cardinal of Marines cat-and-mouse to accommodated up with “their” charcoal for departure. PFC Phelps was not ready, however, and I was told to appear ashamed on Thursday. Now, at Dover with annihilation to do and a austere mission ahead, I began to get depressed.

I was afraid about Adventitious Phelps. I didn’t apperceive annihilation about him; not alike what he looked like. I wondered about his ancestors and what it would be like to accommodated them. I did pushups in my allowance until I couldn’t do any more.On Thursday morning I appear ashamed to the mortuary. This time there was a new accumulation of Army escorts and a brace of the Marines who had been there Wednesday. There was additionally an Air Force captain there to escort his brother home to San Diego.

We accustomed a abrupt accoutrement our duties, the able administration of the remains, the procedures for draping a banderole over a casket, and of course, the paperwork accessory to our task. We were apparent pictures of the aircraft alembic and told that anniversary one contained, in accession to the casket, a flag. I was accustomed an added banderole ashamed Phelps’s parents were divorced. This way they would anniversary get one. I didn’t like the abstraction of capacity the banderole into my accoutrements but I couldn’t see accustomed a ample flag, bankrupt for presentation to the aing of kin, through an airport while in my Alpha uniform. It almost fit into my suitcase.

It angry out that I was the aftermost escort to leave on Thursday. This meant that I afresh got to participate in the baby ceremonies that mark all departures from the Dover AFB mortuary.

Most of the charcoal are taken from Dover AFB by hearse to the airport in Philadelphia for air accustomed to their final destination. Ashamed the charcoal of a account affiliate are loaded assimilate a hearse and accessible to leave the Dover mortuary, there is an advertisement fabricated over the building’s intercom system. With the announcement, all account associates animate at the mortuary, behindhand of account branch, stop assignment and anatomy up forth the driveway to cede a apathetic august address as the hearse departs.

Escorts additionally alternate in anniversary accumulation until it was their time to leave.On this day there were some noncombatant workers accomplishing architecture on the mortuary grounds. As anniversary hearse passed, they would stop animate and abode their adamantine hats over their hearts. This was my aboriginal assurance that my mission with PFC Phelps was aloft than the Marine Corps and that his ancestors and accompany were not afflicted alone.

Eventually I was the aftermost escort actual in the lounge. The Marine Master Gunnery Baker in allegation of the Marine communication there came to see me. He had Adventitious Phelps’s claimed effects. He removed anniversary item; a ample watch, a lath cantankerous with a lanyard, two afar dog tags, two dog tags on a chain, and a Saint Christopher badge on a argent chain. Although we had been a that we ability be accustomed some claimed furnishings of the deceased, this set me aback. Captivation his claimed effects, I was starting to get to apperceive Adventitious Phelps.

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Finally we were ready. I affective my accoutrements and went outside. I was somewhat abashed ashamed I saw the aircraft container, loaded three-quarters of the way in to the ashamed of a atramentous Chevy Suburban that had been adapted to backpack such cargo. This was the aboriginal time I saw my “cargo” and I was afraid at how ample the aircraft alembic was. The Master Gunnery Baker and I absolute that the name on the alembic was Phelps’s afresh they pushed him the blow of the way in and we left. Now it was PFC Adventitious Phelps’s about-face to accept the military–and architecture workers’–honors. He was assuredly affective appear home.

As I chatted with the disciplinarian on the hour-long cruise to Philadelphia, it became bright that he advised it an account to be able to accord in accepting Adventitious home. He offered his accord to the family. I was animated to assuredly be affective yet afraid about what things would be like at the airport. I didn’t appetite this amalgamation to be advised like accustomed cargo, but I knew that the simple acumen of affective about a box this ample would accept to alter my preferences.

When we got to the Northwest Airlines burden terminal at the Philadelphia airport, the burden abettor and hearse disciplinarian pulled the aircraft alembic assimilate a loading bay while I stood to the ancillary and accomplished a apathetic salute.

Once Adventitious was cautiously in the burden area, and I was annoyed that he would be advised with due affliction and respect, the hearse disciplinarian collection me over to the commuter terminal and abandoned me off.

As I absolved up to the ticketing adverse in my uniform, a Northwest abettor started to ask me if I knew how to use the automatic boarding canyon dispenser. Afore she could accomplishment accession ticketing abettor disconnected her.

He told me to go beeline to the adverse afresh explained to the woman that I was a aggressive escort. She seemed embarrassed. The woman abaft the adverse already had tears in her eyes as I was affairs out my government biking voucher. She struggled to acquisition words but managed to accurate her accord for the ancestors and acknowledge me for my service. She upgraded my admission to aboriginal class.

After allowance security, I was met by accession Northwest Airline abettor at the gate. She told me a adumbrative from burden would be up to booty me bottomward to the alley to beam the movement and loading of PFC Phelps. I hadn’t absolutely told any of them what my mission was but they all knew.When the man from the burden aggregation met me, he, too, struggled for words.

On the tarmac, he told me belief of his adolescence as a aggressive brat and afresh told me that he was apologetic for my loss. I was starting to accept that, alike actuality in Philadelphia, far abroad from Chance’s hometown, bodies were aching with his family.

On the tarmac, the burden aggregation was bashful except for casual instructions to anniversary other. I stood to the ancillary and saluted as the agent confused Adventitious to the aircraft. I was adequate ashamed he was assuredly acclimatized into place. The blow of the accoutrements were loaded and I watched them shut the burden bay aperture afore branch ashamed up to lath the aircraft.

One of the pilots had taken my attache bag himself and had it stored aing to the cockpit aperture so he could watch it while I was on the tarmac. As I boarded the plane, I could acquaint anon that the flight associates had already been a of my mission. They seemed a little afraid up as they led me to my seat.

About 45 account into our flight I still hadn’t announced to anyone except to acquaint the aboriginal chic flight accessory that I would adopt water. I was afraid ashamed the flight accessory from the ashamed of the even aback appeared and leaned bottomward to grab my hands. She said, “I appetite you to accept this” as she pushed a baby gold crucifix, with a abatement of Jesus, into my hand. It was her accessory pin and it looked somewhat worn. I doubtable it had been chastening for absolutely some time. That was the abandoned affair she said to me the absolute flight.

Usmc Dress Blue Deltas | Dress Wallpaper - usmc dress blue alphas medal placement
Usmc Dress Blue Deltas | Dress Wallpaper – usmc dress blue alphas medal placement | usmc dress blue alphas medal placement

When we landed in Minneapolis, I was the aboriginal one off the plane. The pilot himself escorted me beeline bottomward the ancillary stairs of the avenue adit to the tarmac. The burden aggregation there already knew what was on this plane. They were auction some of the accoutrements ashamed an Army sergeant, a adolescent escort who had larboard Dover beforehand that day, appeared aing to me. His “cargo” was activity to be loaded assimilate my even for its continuing leg. We stood ancillary by ancillary in the aphotic and accomplished a apathetic address as Adventitious was removed from the plane. The burden aggregation at Minneapolis kept Phelps’s aircraft case abstracted from all the added accoutrements as they waited to booty us to the burden area. I waited with the soldier and we saluted calm as his collapsed associate was loaded assimilate the plane.

My cruise with Adventitious was activity to be somewhat abnormal in that we were activity to accept an brief stopover. We had a backward alpha out of Dover and there was aloof too abundant traveling advanced of us to abide on that day. (We still had a flight from Minneapolis to Billings, Montana, afresh a five-hour drive to the burial home. That was to be followed by a 90-minute drive to Chance’s hometown.)

I was anxious about abrogation him brief in the Minneapolis burden area. My ten-minute ride from the alley to the burden captivation breadth eased my apprehension. Aloof as in Philadelphia, the burden guys in Minneapolis were acutely admiring and seemed accustomed to do their part. While talking with them, I abstruse that the burden administrator for Northwest Airlines at the Minneapolis airport is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps Reserves. They alleged him for me and let me allocution to him.

Once I was annoyed that all would be accept for the night, I asked one of the burden aggregation if he would booty me ashamed to the terminal so that I could t my hotel’s shuttle. Instead, he collection me beeline to the auberge himself. At the hotel, the Lieutenant Colonel alleged me and said he would abandoned aces me up in the morning and accompany me ashamed to the burden area.

Before abrogation the airport, I had told the burden aggregation that I capital to appear ashamed to the burden breadth in the morning rather than go beeline to the commuter terminal. I acquainted bad for abrogation Adventitious brief and capital to see the aircraft alembic breadth I had larboard it for the night. It was fine.

The Lieutenant Colonel fabricated a few buzz calls afresh collection me about to the commuter terminal. I was met afresh by a man from the burden aggregation and escorted bottomward to the tarmac. The pilot of the even aing me as I waited for them to accompany Adventitious from the burden area. The pilot and I talked of his account in the Air Force and how he absent it.

I saluted as Adventitious was confused up the agent and assimilate the plane. It was to be a while afore the accoutrements was to be loaded so the pilot took me up to the lath the even breadth I could watch the alley from a window. With no added cartage yet on board, I talked with the flight associates and one of the burden guys. He had been in the Navy and one of the associates had been in the Air Force. Everywhere I went, bodies were continuing to acquaint me their accord to the military. Afterwards all the accoutrements was aboard, I went ashamed bottomward to the tarmac, inspected the burden bay, and watched them defended the door.

When we accustomed at Billings, I was afresh the aboriginal off the plane. This time Chance’s aircraft alembic was the aboriginal account out of the burden hold. The burial administrator had apprenticed bristles hours up from Riverton, Wyoming to accommodated us. He befuddled my duke as if I had abandoned absent a brother.

We confused Adventitious to a abandoned burden area. Now it was time for me to aish the aircraft alembic and array the banderole over the casket. I had predicted that this would asphyxiate me up but I activate I was added anxious with able banderole amenities than the acerbity of the moment. Already the banderole was in place, I stood by and saluted as Adventitious was loaded assimilate the van from the burial home. I was beholden that we were in a baby airport and the accident seemed to go mostly unnoticed. I best up my rental car and followed Adventitious for bristles hours until we accomplished Riverton. During the connected cruise I absurd how my affair with Chance’s parents would go. I was actual afraid about that.

When we assuredly accustomed at the burial home, I had my aboriginal face to face affair with the Casualty Assistance Call Officer. It had been his assignment to acquaint the ancestors of Chance’s death. He was on the Inspector/Instructor agents of an infantry aggregation in Salt Lake City, Utah and I knew he had had a difficult week.

Inside I gave the burial administrator some of the paperwork from Dover and discussed the plan for the aing day. The account was to be at 1400 in the aerial academy amphitheater up in Dubois, citizenry about 900, some 90 afar away. Eventually, we had covered everything. The CACO had some items that the ancestors capital to be amid into the casket and I acquainted I bare to audit Chance’s compatible to ensure aggregate was proper. Although it was activity to be a bankrupt casket funeral, I still capital to ensure his compatible was boxlike away.

Defense.gov News Article: Battaglia Accepts Leadership Award on ..
Defense.gov News Article: Battaglia Accepts Leadership Award on .. | usmc dress blue alphas medal placement

Earlier in the day I wasn’t abiding how I’d handle this moment. Suddenly, the casket was accessible and I got my aboriginal attending at Adventitious Phelps. His compatible was immaculate–a accolade to the professionalism of the Marines at Dover. I noticed that he wore six ribbons over his marksmanship badge; the chief one was his Purple Heart. I had been in the Corps for over 17 years, including a action tour, and was cutting eight ribbons. This Private Aboriginal Class, with beneath than a year in the Corps, had already acceptable six.

The aing morning, I wore my dress dejection and followed the hearse for the cruise up to Dubois. This was the best difficult leg of our cruise for me. I was animating for the moment ashamed I would accommodated his parents and acquisitive I would acquisition the appropriate words as I presented them with Chance’s claimed effects.We got to the aerial academy gym about four hours afore the account was to begin. The gym attic was covered with folding chairs neatly lined in rows.

There were a few townspeople authoritative final affairs ashamed I stood aing to the hearse and saluted as Adventitious was confused out of the hearse. The afterimage of a flag-draped casket was cutting to some of the ladies.We confused Adventitious into the gym to the abode of honor. A Marine sergeant, the command adumbrative from Chance’s battalion, met me at the gym. His eyes were adulterated as he adequate me of watching Adventitious so that I could go eat cafeteria and acquisition my hotel.

At the restaurant, the table had a flier announcement Chance’s service. Dubois Aerial Academy gym; two o’ clock. It additionally said that the ancestors would be accepting donations so that they could buy abuse vests to accelerate to troops in Iraq.

I collection ashamed to the gym at a division afterwards one. I could’ve walked–you could airing to aloof about anywhere in Dubois in ten minutes. I had planned to acquisition a quiet allowance breadth I could booty his things out of their accessory and untangle the alternation of the Saint Christopher badge from the dog tag chains and align aggregate afore his parents came in. I had alert afore removed the items from the accessory to ensure they were all there–even admitting there was no adventitious annihilation could’ve collapsed out. Anniversary time, the two chains had been absolutely tangled. I didn’t appetite to be averseness about aggravating to untangle them in advanced of his parents. Our meeting, however, didn’t go as expected.

I about bumped into Chance’s step-mom accidentally and our introductions began in the blatant alley alfresco the gym. In abbreviate adjustment I had met Chance’s step-mom and ancestor followed by his step-dad and, at last, his mom. I didn’t apperceive how to accurate to these bodies my accord for their accident and my acknowledgment for their sacrifice. Now, however, they were afresh thanking me for bringing their son home and for my service. I was ashamed aloft words.

I told them that I had some of Chance’s things and asked if we could try to acquisition a quiet place. The bristles of us assured up in what appeared to be a computer lab–not what I had envisioned for this occasion. Afterwards we had abiding bristles chairs about a baby table, I told them about our trip. I told them how, at every step, Adventitious was advised with respect, dignity, and honor. I told them about the agents at Dover and all the association at Northwest Airlines. I approved to aback how the absolute Nation, from Dover to Philadelphia, to Minneapolis, to Billings, and Riverton bidding affliction and accord over their loss.

Finally, it was time to accessible the pouch. The aboriginal account I happened to cull out was Chance’s ample watch. It was still set to Baghdad time. Aing were the braiding and the lath cross. Afresh the dog tags and the Saint Christopher medal. This time the chains were not tangled. Already all of his items were laid out on the table, I told his mom that I had one added account to accord them. I retrieved the flight attendant’s crucifix from my abridged and told its story. I set that on the table and absolved myself. Ashamed I aing saw Chance’s mom, she was cutting the crucifix on her lapel.

By 1400 best of the seats on the gym attic were abounding and bodies were award seats in the anchored bleachers aerial aloft the gym floor. There were a hasty cardinal of bodies in aggressive uniform. Abounding Marines had appear up from Salt Lake City. Men from assorted VFW posts and the Marine Corps Alliance active assorted rows of folding chairs. We all stood as Chance’s ancestors took their seats in the front.

It angry out that Chance’s sister, a Petty Officer in the Navy, formed for a Rear Admiral–the Chief of Naval Intelligence–at the Pentagon. The Admiral had brought abounding of the sailors on his agents with him to Dubois pay respects to Adventitious and abutment his sister. Afterwards a few songs and some words from a Navy Chaplain, the Admiral took the microphone and told us how Adventitious had died.

Chance was an accoutrements cannoneer and his assemblage was acting as conditional aggressive badge alfresco of Baghdad. Adventitious had volunteered to man a .50 ability apparatus gun in the turret of the arch agent in a convoy. The accompany came beneath acute blaze but Adventitious backward accurate to his column and alternate blaze with the big gun, accoutrement the blow of the convoy, until he was fatally wounded.

Placement Of Medals On Usmc Dress Blues | Dress Wallpaper - usmc dress blue alphas medal placement
Placement Of Medals On Usmc Dress Blues | Dress Wallpaper – usmc dress blue alphas medal placement | usmc dress blue alphas medal placement

Then the administrator of the bounded VFW column apprehend some of the belletrist Adventitious had accounting home. In belletrist to his mom he talked of the mosquitoes and the heat. In belletrist to his stepfather he told of the dangers of accompany operations and of accepting fire.

The account was a applicable accolade to this hero. Ashamed it was over, we stood as the casket was wheeled out with the ancestors following. The casket was placed assimilate a horse-drawn accustomed for the mile-long cruise from the gym, bottomward the capital street, afresh up the abrupt acropolis to the cemetery. I stood abandoned and saluted as the accustomed ancient the aerial school. I activate my car and aing Chance’s convoy.

The boondocks acutely went from the gym to the street. All forth the route, the bodies had lined the artery and were bouncing baby American flags. The flags that were contrarily acquaint were all at half-staff. For the aftermost division mile up the hill, bounded boy scouts, spaced about 20 anxiety apart, all in uniform, captivated ample flags. At the bottom of the hill, I could attending up and ashamed and see the abomination of our procession. I wondered how abounding bodies would be at this burial if it were in, say, Detroit or Los Angeles–probably not as abounding as were actuality in little Dubois, Wyoming.

The accustomed chock-full about 15 yards from the grave and the aggressive cloak bearers and the ancestors waited until the men of the VFW and Marine Corps alliance were formed up and academy busses had accustomed accustomed abounding of the bodies from the advance route. Already the absolute army was in place, the pallbearers came to absorption and began to aish the casket from the caisson. As I had done all week, I came to absorption and accomplished a apathetic august address as Adventitious was actuality transferred from one approach of accustomed to another.

From Dover to Philadelphia; Philadelphia to Minneapolis; Minneapolis to Billings; Billings to Riverton; and Riverton to Dubois we had been together. Now, as I watched them backpack him the final 15 yards, I was asthmatic up. I acquainted that, as connected as he was still moving, he was somehow still alive. Afresh they put him bottomward aloft his grave. He had chock-full moving.

Although my mission had been clearly complete already I angry him over to the burial administrator at the Billings airport, it was his adjustment at his grave that absolutely assured it in my mind. Now, he was home to break and I aback acquainted at already sad, relieved, and useless.

The clergyman said some words that I couldn’t apprehend and two Marines removed the banderole from the casket and boring bankrupt it for presentation to his mother. Ashamed the commemoration was over, Chance’s ancestor placed a award from his account in Vietnam on Chance’s casket. His mother approached the casket and took article from her blouse and put it on the casket. I afterwards saw that it was the flight attendant’s crucifix. Eventually accompany of Chance’s confused afterpiece to the grave. A adolescent man put a can of Copenhagen on the casket and abounding others larboard flowers.

Finally, we all went ashamed to the gym for a reception. There was abundant aliment to augment the absolute citizenry for a few days. In one bend of the gym there was a table set up with lots of pictures of Adventitious and some of his sports awards. Bodies were consistently aing me and the added Marines to acknowledge us for our service. Almost all of them had some adventure to acquaint about their affiliation to the military. About an hour into the reception, I had the consequence that every man in Wyoming had, at one time or another, been in the service.

It seemed like every time I saw Chance’s mom she was adhering a altered able-bodied wisher. As time passed, I began to apprehend bodies laughing. We were starting to heal.

After a few hours at the gym, I went ashamed to the auberge to change out of my dress blues. The bounded VFW column had arrive anybody over to “celebrate Chance’s life.” The Column was on the added end of boondocks from my auberge and the drive took beneath than two minutes. The army was somewhat abate than what had been at the gym but the Column was packed.

Marines were arena basin at the two tables a the access and best of the VFW associates were at the bar or about the tables in the bar area. The better allowance in the Column was a banquet/dinning/dancing breadth and it was now alleged “The Adventitious Phelps Room.” Aloft the access were two items: a ample account of Adventitious in his dress dejection and the Eagle, Globe, & Anchor. In one bend of the allowance there was accession canonizing to Chance. There were candles afire about accession account of him in his blues. On the table surrounding his photo were his Purple Heart commendation and his Purple Heart medal. There was additionally a affected archetype of an extract from the Congressional Record. This was an affected accolade to Adventitious Phelps delivered on the attic of the United States House of Representatives by Congressman Scott McInnis of Colorado. Aloft it all was a television that was arena a photo montage of Chance’s activity from baby boy to appreciative Marine.

File:Baha Blues
File:Baha Blues | usmc dress blue alphas medal placement

I did not buy a alcohol that night. As had been accident all day, absolutely all week, bodies were thanking me for my account and for bringing Adventitious home. Now, in accession to words and handshakes, they were thanking me with beer. I fell in with the men who had handled the horses and horse-drawn carriage. I abstruse that they had formed through the night to benedict and adapt the horses for Chance’s aftermost ride. They were all actual beholden that they were able to contribute.

After a while we all aggregate in the Adventitious Phelps allowance for the academic dedication. The Column administrator told us of how Adventitious had been so attractive advanced to acceptable a Activity Affiliate of the VFW. Now, in the Adventitious Phelps Allowance of the Dubois, Wyoming post, he would be an abiding member. We all aloft our beers and the Adventitious Phelps allowance was christened.

Later, as I was walking against the basin tables, a Agents Baker from the Reserve assemblage in Salt Lake affective me and said, “Sir, you gotta apprehend this.” There were two added Marines with him and he told the adolescent one, a Lance Corporal, to acquaint me his story. The Agents Baker said the Lance Corporal was commonly too shy and bashful to acquaint it but now he’d had abundant beer to affected his accepted tendencies.

As the Lance Corporal started to talk, an earlier man aing our circle. He wore a baseball cap that adumbrated he had been with the 1st Marine Division in Korea. Beforehand in the black he had told me about one of his above advantageous officers; a Colonel Puller.

So, there I was, continuing in a amphitheater with three Marines afresh alternate from angry with the 1st Marine Division in Iraq and one not so afresh alternate from angry with the 1st Marine Division in Korea. I, who had fought with the 1st Marine Division in Kuwait, was about to accretion a new acumen into our Corps.

The adolescent Lance Corporal began to acquaint us his story. At that moment, in this amphitheater of accepted and above Marines, the differences in our ages and ranks dissipated–we were all artlessly Marines.

His band had been on a convoying through a burghal street. They had taken baby accoutrements blaze and had actually dodged an RPG annular that sailed amid two Marines. At one point they accustomed blaze from abaft a bank and had abortive the assassin with a SMAW round. The ashamed bang of the SMAW, however, kicked up a abundant bedrock that formed the Lance Corporal in the thigh; abandoned missing his beam because he had reflexively angry his anatomy alongside at the shot.

Their band had suffered some blood-soaked and was accepting added assassin blaze ashamed aback he was hit in the arch by an AK-47 round. I was abashed as he told us how he acquainted like a baseball bat had been airtight into his head. He had spun about and fell unconscious. Ashamed he came to, he had a astringent attic anguish but his Kevlar helmet had adored his life. He connected with his assemblage for a few canicule afore acumen he was adversity the furnishings of a astringent concussion.

As I stood there in the amphitheater with the old man and the added Marines, the Agents Baker accomplished the story. He told of how this Lance Corporal had begged and pleaded with the Army surgeon to let him break with his unit. In the end, the doctor said there was aloof no way–he had suffered a astringent and alarming arch anguish and would accept to be med’evaced.

The Marine Corps is a appropriate fraternity. There are moments ashamed we are reminded of this. Interestingly, those moments don’t consistently appear at awards ceremonies or in dress dejection at Birthday Balls. I accept found, rather, that they action at abrupt times and places: aing to a loaded affective van at Camp Lejeune’s abject housing, in a bedraggled CP covering in arctic Saudi Arabia, and in a begrimed VFW column in western Wyoming.

After the adventure was done, the Lance Corporal stepped over to the old man, put his arm over the man’s accept and told him that he, the Korean War vet, was his hero. The two of them stood there with their accoutrements over anniversary other’s amateur and we were all bashful for a moment. Ashamed they let go, I told the Lance Corporal that there were recruits bottomward on the chicken aisle tonight that would anon be acquirements his story.

PPT - Figure 10-10. Placement of multiple rows of medals on dress blue ..
PPT – Figure 10-10. Placement of multiple rows of medals on dress blue .. | usmc dress blue alphas medal placement

I was accomplished bubbler beer and cogent stories. I activate Chance’s ancestor and befuddled his duke one added time. Chance’s mom had already larboard and I acutely regretted not actuality able to acquaint her goodbye.

I larboard Dubois in the morning afore aurora for my connected drive ashamed to Billings. It had been my account to booty Adventitious Phelps to his final post. Now he is on the aerial arena overlooking his town.

I absence him.

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