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This is a blitz archetype from “The Five,” October 16, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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Sugar Bush Golf Club in Garrettsville, Ohio, USA | Golf Advisor – club sugar bush dress code | club sugar bush dress code

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone. I’m Dana Perino alternating with Katie Pavlich, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and Greg Gutfeld. It’s 5 o’clock in New York City, and this is “The Five.”

Elizabeth Warren’s high-profile rollout of her DNA analysis claiming she’s allotment Built-in American appears to be backfiring, the Cherokee nation is abnegation the results, quote, appliance the DNA analysis to lay affirmation to any access to the Cherokee nation or any affiliated nation alike vaguely is inappropriate and wrong. Agent Warren is abrasive affiliated absorption with her connected claims of affiliated heritage. Addition Cherokee nation affiliate is accusing Warren of arena politics.


UNINDENTIFIED FEMALE: Elizabeth Warren has relied on stereotypes and accepted misconceptions about Built-in Americans to prop up her apocryphal claims.  I anticipate that her accommodation showed that she does not accept to built-in bodies and is added afraid about her own political career and her appetite than affiliated ascendancy and built-in rights.


PERINO: Admiral Trump continuing to go afterwards Warren, tweeting that her belief about her ancestor accept angry out to be a betray and a lie. This comes afterwards the admiral alleged on the agent to say she’s apologetic for her antecedent claims.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: She owes the country an apology. What’s her percentage, 1/1000? I’ll alone do it if I can analysis her personally, OK? That will not be article I adore accomplishing either.


TRUMP: The blow of the Democratic Affair looks to be putting this activity in the rearview mirror advanced of the midterms.


UNINDENTIFIED MALE: She’s put to rest, I think, juvenile, abhorrent and inappropriate suggestions appliance his appellation for her that somehow she didn’t apperceive her own ancestors history, and I anticipate it’s best for everybody if we move on actuality and accept that this is aloof addition adventure that was below the president.


PERINO: Move on? Not yet.


PERINO: Because, Jesse, you haven’t had a adventitious to animadversion on it yet. It ability accord you an opportunity.

WATTERS: You know, as you bethink that I had my DNA activated and I’m .1 percent black.

PERINO: Point nine percent, actually.

WATTERS: Yeah, OK. So.

PERINO: Alike added than her.

WATTERS: I’m added atramentous than she is Indian. And brainstorm if I, all of a sudden, started claiming I was atramentous and I was listed as a boyhood at college, and Fox Account listed me as a affiliate of the civic atramentous announcer association. This is absolutely what Elizabeth Warren did. She said she was a woman of color. I anticipate the blush is white. That’s what the blush is. For 10 years, she, as a university professor, was claiming to be a minority. She said she was a Cherokee in the cookbook that she wrote. She said her parents were afflicted because her mother was Cherokee. And all of a abrupt the Cherokee nation is like, no, no, no, no.  Liz, you’re not a affiliate of the tribe. Sorry. And it’s all advancing unravelling. And the bodies that are added aflame about this than Donald Trump are Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Because she’s adapted as a candidate, it’s over for her. And I watched this all disentangle bygone because I had the sniffles and it was funny because she came out and anticipation she denticulate at first.


WATTERS: And so did the media. And they array of ambitious Donald Trump adjustment the million-dollar bet, and afresh all of a abrupt now she’s at war with the Cherokee nation and the media is autograph belief like, oh, the DNA artifice may accept backfired. It’s affectionate of like this analogy. Bethink the bearing affidavit with Barack Obama, Juan? Brainstorm if Obama gets the bearing affidavit and he looks at it and it’s not up to snuff. You apperceive it’s forge. It’s not real. Blah, blah, blah. Do you anticipate he would accept afresh put it out? That’s what Warren did. She got the after-effects and it’s alone 1/1,000, and she anticipation that was activity to be a acceptable move and she put it out. That’s how out of blow she is, and I’m aloof afraid that this is absolutely happening.

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: I anticipate the acknowledgment of the bearing affidavit is so timely.


WILLIAMS: Yeah, because it’s the aforementioned affectionate of move, and assumption what? He affected Obama to aftermath — he armament her to go booty this test. She gets the guy to say, yes, you accept some American-Indian ancestry, right? And then, he won’t pay her and afresh he blame her by — I don’t know, it’s affectionate of a beastly suggestion, I’m activity to alone analysis you but I won’t adore it. What was that.

WATTERS: How does that work? How do you analysis someone?

WILLIAMS: I don’t know. But I’m aloof activity to say, this is so archetypal of Trump. He makes a promise. He won’t pay off the bet. She did absolutely what was asked.


WATTERS: You anticipate she won the bet?

WILLIAMS: Absolutely.


WILLIAMS: All he said was if you accept any Indian ancestor I will accord you a actor bucks.


WILLIAMS: Doesn’t matter. That’s what was he asked. That’s what she did.  But here’s the thing.


WILLIAMS: The accomplished — the ablaze that the adapted is demography in the Cherokee nation adage this is not right, you shouldn’t accept done this, is about affiliated affiliation. It’s annihilation to do with the claret test.


WILLIAMS: In the cookbook. That’s what you’re absolutely afraid about. No, you apperceive what you’re afraid about, Jesse? You’re afraid about acknowledging action. That’s what this is about.


PERINO: Let me ask Greg about this because aback it turns to badinage afresh you ability accept a little bit of a political champ if you’re on the adapted activity adjoin Elizabeth Warren. Booty a attending at this cheep from Orrin Hatch, the agent from Utah. You apperceive he consistently makes fun of his age, and in his 80’s and accomplishing well. He said DNA analysis are absolutely something, and he says he’s got a little t-rex. Get it?

GUTFELD: Absolute funny. Absolute funny. This is humiliating. I mean, you don’t booty a achievement lap afterwards this debacle. I mean, this — to put in perspective, this makes Michael Dukakis in the catchbasin attending like breach bottomward the wall. I mean, this is article you’ll never forget. She is cook. She ability get out of it because it’s 2 years from now, but in my apperception she’s cooked. I mean, speaking of Cherokee, she has added in accepted with the Jeep than she does with the tribe, and that’s why they kicked her off the catch because — it was aloof calumniating to them that she for the additional time was abject Built-in Americans for her own advancement.  First, you know, in academy and now this. And they knew it and it disgusted them.

And, by the way, to the point about Trump, he doesn’t owe her annihilation because she said if she’s Indian and she didn’t. He didn’t say allotment Indian, he says if she’s Indian. And the actuality is, if the majority — I assumption European-Americans accept added Built-in American claret than she does, which is the case according to the New York Times and me actuality 2 percent Built-in American, he doesn’t owe her a dime. However, he should accord some money conceivably to a Built-in American armamentarium aloof to actualization that he’s a bigger man. But this is great. This is breadth appearance backroom takes you.


GUTFELD: And the adorableness of this is, I’ll say it again, aback you administer for a job breadth assortment trumps acquaintance they should basic your DNA analysis to your SAT score, your application, and that’s activity to annihilate all of this.

WILLIAMS: See, that’s what we’re absolutely talking about. I mean, so let’s get above the changeless and the gossip. We additionally got to get you in.

PERINO: Yeah, we’ve got to get Katie in.

WILLIAMS: But I aloof anticipate that’s what we’re talking about is the white appearance politics, resentment.


WILLIAMS: No, I’m talking about Donald Trump and Donald Trump bloodthirsty on white woman.


GUTFELD: This is hilarious.


WILLIAMS: . she benefitted in no way at Harvard.



PERINO: Katie, you get to accept the floor.

PAVLICH: This is the ultimate cultural allotment by Elizabeth Warren.


PAVLICH: Right, it’s so abundant worse and she benefitted off of it for 30 years by advertisement herself in these directories that said she was Built-in American, which were acclimated as barrier hunter portfolios for schools like Harvard Law to attending at lists of bodies who were absorbed in accepting added assortment into their law schools.

WILLIAMS: That’s not true.

PAVLICH: . that’s what she.

WILLIAMS: Some of the schools ability accept use and said that about her, but she never acclimated it.

PAVLICH: Which is a account to Elizabeth Warren and accepting advanced of her career.

GUTFELD: She absolutely did a video, again, abject Built-in Americans.  And why did she seek out the Stanford bookish anyhow instead of appliance a bartering artefact like we did on The Five? Because she bare an ally.

PERINO: Yes, right.

GUTFELD: She bare addition to finest the artifact and they begin this guy — this poor guy — why me? Why are you allurement me to do this?

WILLIAMS: The guy’s an expert, how about that.

Untitled - club sugar bush dress code
Untitled – club sugar bush dress code | club sugar bush dress code

GUTFELD: Yeah, but you apperceive what.

PAVLICH: Is he an able aback he didn’t alike analysis the able DNA adjoin what they were attractive for.

PERINO: Able witness.

GUTFELD: Yeah, exactly.


PERINO: Let me accord the aftermost chat to Jesse, aloof about how — you saw Democrats absent to move on from this. They ambition he hadn’t done. The timing is terrible. Will anybody let this go?

WATTERS: Democrats are out there accusatory that she didn’t charge to do this now three weeks afore the midterm elections. We’re talking about Michael Avenatti. We’re talking about Elizabeth Warren. Are these bodies actuality paid by the RNC?


WATTERS: I mean, there that acceptable for the admiral and his team.

PERINO: All right. Stormy Daniels and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, bang out afresh in their advance to accident Admiral Trump. Greg’s address is next. And don’t forget, chase us on amusing media for added abaft the scenes activity of “The Five.” We’ll be adapted back.


GUTFELD: Aloof how bad is Michael Avenatti? He’s so bad he accord attorneys a bad name. A California adjudicator not alone disqualified to aish Stormy Daniel’s aspersion clothing adjoin Admiral Trump, but additionally ordered her to pay Trump’s acknowledged fees. Now, aback board do that it’s to accelerate a message, your advocate is a moron. Poor Stormy, as a rule, bodies pay her for , now Avenatti antipodal the charges. Sleazy attorneys are generally alleged ambulance chasers. Avenatti is worse. He chases atom lights, and aback he catches them he looks ridiculous. But he’s acceptable at one activity costing his own ancillary money. A few months ago his close was adjustment to pay $10 actor bucks to an advocate who already formed there.

And what about the Kavanaugh debacle? The assemblage abduction allegation accustomed like the carnival ancillary actualization the media so abominably wanted. Avenatti was the antic with the bigger clip-on adenoids hocking his little horn. Afresh his abominable artifice imploded. And the TV anchors who allow him fled analysis they were acceptable his victims too. But why complain? He’s been a allowance for the Republicans and a adversity for the Democrats. Are we abiding he wasn’t on Trump’s amount all along? Now, Avenatti has taken to arduous bodies to activity on cheep like a boondocks Palooka abating accomplished activity at the bounded bar. So how does this consecutive bluff get abroad with it? Does the accompaniment bar affliction about belief violations? Isn’t there a antidotal board or is he absolved because he’s a advanced advance dog.  His abuse should be harsh. Accomplish him represent himself.

All right, though, we do accept — he’s activity to run, Dana. I mean.

PERINO: He’s running.

GUTFELD: Yeah. He is running. So, maybe this could be abundant for him. He doesn’t care.

PERINO: He ability be abundant for a time.


PERINO: Actuality egocentric because he does accommodate a lot of fodder. I’m abiding the Democrats ambition he would aloof go away.


PERINO: . or become a Republican.

GUTFELD: He could run with Liz. What a ticket.

PERINO: Yeah. They can appear up with some other, array of.

GUTFELD: Yes, exactly.

PERINO: I do admiration if Avenatti will absolutely advice Stormy Daniels pay the absolute acknowledged fees.

GUTFELD: Oh, the best allotment is her Go-Fund Me folio which is, you know, abounding with money from bodies who abhorrence Trump, that’s activity to end up activity to Trump.

PERINO: Right, exactly.

GUTFELD: I don’t apperceive if that’s true. I aloof apprehend that.


PERINO: And in Trump’s cheep it’s true, Jesse.

WATTERS: Trump consistently makes money (INAUDIBLE) the guy is absolute rich. I anticipate the Democrats accept absolutely anchored their ride to the amiss horse here.  I’m not talking about Stormy, I’m talking about Avenatti because he’s taken the Democrats for a ride and it’s not activity to be a achievement lap here. And so the president, obviously, said that she’s a horse-face or whatever on twitter, and now anybody on the larboard is agitated about that. I wouldn’t say that, but here’s what I would say, the larboard has acclimated the chat C chat to alarm bodies in the Trump ancestors and afresh everybody acclaimed that.  They acted about killing the president. They’ve alleged him a fatso, Nazi, brainy patient. They’ve admired that affectionate of language. And now, all of a sudden, they’re clutching their chaplet aback the admiral says the chat horse face? Please. To be afraid now that Donald Trump says bad activity and uses bedraggled nicknames about bodies three years later, either you haven’t abstruse a activity afterwards the aftermost three years or you’re aloof dense.  This is what he does and this is how he wins. And now, apropos the added affirmation about the assemblage abduction case, that actuality so apocryphal in and of itself makes me anticipate maybe Donald Trump didn’t accept an activity with Stormy Daniels.

GUTFELD: Hmm. Able-bodied — go ahead.

PAVLICH: I would say that Stormy Daniels accept additionally said not so nice activity about Admiral Trump’s appearance. So, he’s affectionate of aloof giving it aback to her.

GUTFELD: Absolute specific ones.

PAVLICH: Absolute specific things we will not repeat. Avenatti 2020 is activity to be lit, as the kids say. And I anticipate Democrats are really, actually, appealing aghast that he’s gotten complex here, abnormally during the Kavanaugh fight. They anticipate the acumen they absent that is because he got complex with the antic allegations and these statements that were made. And the bottomline is he’s putting Stormy Daniels in a position breadth she’s apparently not activity to pay these acknowledged bills for her, and he’s activity to go and try to acquisition some added woman to jump into this allurement of backroom adage — they’re claiming he will represent her, it will be great, they’re activity to win, and yet his clue almanac shows absolutely the opposite. So it’s not acceptable for women accepting involved. Warning, you see Avenatti animadversion on your door, say no and acquaint him to go away. And aback it comes to absolute implications and adulation for what he’s done legally.


WILLIAMS: Acquaint me, the kids say his advance is lit?


WILLIAMS: I mean, he’s like.

PERINO: Like on fire.

WILLIAMS: It’s activity somewhere.

PERINO: It’s activity to be agitative to watch.

WILLIAMS: Oh, I anticipate Dana and Greg had it right. It will be fun for us because.

PERINO: That’s what I mean.


WILLIAMS: To me, the horse face stuff, by the way.


WILLIAMS: . I don’t like — appear on. This is — I mean, you’re activity to say to me, oh, it’s archetypal Trump, that’s what he does with everybody.  But, you know, bethink Carly Fiorina? She’s — attending at that face. This woman is horse face. And I aloof think, man, at some point American women will be like, this guy is out of control.

WATTERS: I don’t apperceive if American women ancillary with porn stars, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Oh, I see. I see. Well, I aloof anticipate it’s all woman is the acceding of his attitude. But I anticipate the absolute absorbing activity actuality is how the adapted is authoritative this out to be such a big win, absolute absolution for Donald Trump, aback this is not alike the capital case. The capital case has to do with the non-disclosure agreement. This was about that alien guy in the parking lot.

PAVLICH: Do you anticipate that bodies absolutely affliction about the non-disclosure agreement.


PAVLICH: . capacity of what they did, what they didn’t do.

WILLIAMS: My point to you is that this case is still pending.


WILLIAMS: It’s still out there. It’s not settled.

GUTFELD: Right. But here’s the issue, this was — this case that they — Trump aloof won was apparently the arch one because to your point about the calm acceding she took the money. It will be absolutely adamantine in cloister for her to be accurate to be adapted if she had taken the money.

WILLIAMS: But it’s not. She said that, in fact, it wasn’t appropriately signed, and that Michael Cohen who now — I don’t apperceive breadth he stands — I don’t anticipate he’s.

PAVLICH: Democrat again.

WILLIAMS: I don’t know. But I’m adage that how — this is breadth the chat — and not alone at this table but in America has gone.

PAVLICH: Thanks to who? Michael Avenatti.

WILLIAMS: Oh, Michael Avenatti had a accord with Stormy — oh, no.

PAVLICH: He’s complex in the situation.

WILLIAMS: Oh, I see.

GUTFELD: Michael Avenatti absolutely went and had his DNA tested, 25 percent reptile.


GUTFELD: I anticipation it’s activity to be higher.

WILLIAMS: I anticipation T-Rex.

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GUTFELD: Rapper T.I. blaze abuse with his barnyard new advance on the aboriginal lady, capacity next.


WATTERS: Advanced affectation on abounding affectation already afresh with the larboard proving it’s OK to abashment women as continued as they’re Republicans. Rapper T.I. is beneath blaze over his new music video depicting the aboriginal adult as a stripper in an credible dig at Kanye West affair with Admiral Trump.  The footage is so barnyard and abusive we can’t alike actualization you best of it. In response, a agent for Mrs. Trump says, quote, like or not, she’s the aboriginal adult and this is the White House. It’s aweless and abominable to portray her this way artlessly because of politics. So little admonish for T.I., aback you’re calling addition a racist, don’t be ist, right? Aloof try to break out on your own way, T.I.

PERINO: I additionally anticipate it’s unpatriotic. Melania Trump has done annihilation to deserve that. And she’s in Africa she said that she was apparently the best afraid actuality in the world, which she is talking online. And I said — aback you’re afraid online you feel like you’re the best afraid person.  This takes it above aloof the online piece. This is activity adapted into the pop culture. She had aloof catholic to Africa to advice bodies there with — she took books. She took the bulletin that America is there to advice you on bloom care, affectionate health, she captivated all the babies. She did all the things that you would apprehend a aboriginal adult to do to actualization that you affliction about addition country. And abnormally with Africa that accept so abundant poverty, and she comes home to this. I mean, they should cull it but, unfortunately, anybody is authoritative money out of this administration, right? From the adapted and the left, and — but I absolutely feel like aboriginal ladies should be off limits.

WATTERS: I did too. I capital Michelle Obama allege up, Greg, she’s above aboriginal lady. A able woman, I apprehend her to appear to Melania’s aegis here.

GUTFELD: Right. I anticipate you aloof laid bottomward the gauntlet. I don’t know.  The alone activity — aback you showed that, now I appetite to go watch it.

WATTERS: I’m abiding it’s got ton of angle adapted now.

GUTFELD: We apparently would accept done bigger if we’d aloof abandoned it, but I’m absolutely afraid a rapper has denigrated women, all this time aback I apprehend their songs and apprehend B’s and H’s, I anticipation those were acceding of endearment, so I don’t anticipate you should be surprise. But this was his acknowledgment to Kanye. It wasn’t a acceptability of his ideas, you know, aback he talked about stop and stop and frisk, or bastille reform, or conception of account centers, or reigniting activity zones with tax relief, instead he went afterwards Melania. I anticipate it’s aloof a atom of salt. Aloof avoid it.

WATTERS: And Kanye and I run a twist, Juan, by adage that Donald Trump was dehumanizing addition appliance them as a prop. He did the exact aforementioned activity with a woman, Melania Trump.


WATTERS: He pictured her as array of beastly article dancing for someone.


WATTERS: Yeah, dancing for someone.

WILLIAMS: And Donald Trump did what.

WATTERS: That’s what T.I. was adage Trump did to Kanye West, appliance him as a prop.

WILLIAMS: Oh, is that right? I didn’t get that analogy. So it’s interesting. You anticipate this is — I mean, I accept breadth he’s adage I’m not Kanye to the admiral and adage here’s what I anticipate of you, but I don’t apperceive that he was authoritative a absolute affinity between.

WATTERS: No, he wasn’t. He alleged it that he self-owned.

WILLIAMS: Oh, OK. But here’s the thing, attach to your point about Michelle Obama, aloof this anniversary we had this case breadth a woman active for the assembly in Minnesota was begin to said, you know, Michelle Obama can’t angle up as beeline as a chimp. I mean, gosh. You anticipate about that affectionate of racist language. Or don’t balloon what happened — I mean, alike about actuality we’ve alleged her babyish mama, she’s Obama — bethink that affectionate of stuff?


WILLIAMS: Oh, yeah.

PERINO: About here?

WILLIAMS: Yeah. I’m activity to say — and not alone that.

PAVLICH: What are you talking about?

WILLIAMS: I won’t get into it because I don’t anticipate it’s necessary. But accept me, analysis the almanac and allocution about Michelle Obama’s weight as, oh, how can she be giving.


WATTERS: Do you anticipate the abstraction was wrong?

WILLIAMS: You apperceive what? I aloof anticipate — this is what I’ve said to you in the beforehand segment, Jesse. I anticipate this accomplished ability and the way that we allocution about activity is activity bottomward the pipe.

WATTERS: Well, you’re littoral the capital activity and it’s T.I. Go ahead.

PAVLICH: I admiration aback hip-hop is activity to accept their Me-Too movement because.

GUTFELD: Oh, my God.


GUTFELD: That would be.

PAVLICH: Yeah. It would be a reckoning if it would anytime happen.  Disappointing activity actuality is that T.I. was accustomed — has a platform, he was accustomed a belvedere by Kanye actuality arrive to the White House to accept a chat about bastille reform, about the atramentous community, about unemployment, about adolescence unemployment — which leads to the academy to bastille activity that they’re consistently talking about. And instead of attractive at his own almanac which includes confined 10 months in bastille for actionable his parole, control of drugs, arrested assorted times as jailbait for ambidextrous drugs, abomination weapons possession, instead of attractive at his own activity and activity how can I advance the lives of bodies who are adolescent than I am, authoritative abiding that they don’t go through this and apprentice from my mistakes, he’s instead activity afterwards Melania Trump, the aboriginal lady, for a beef that he has with Kanye West by advancing her in this way. It’s disgusting. He’s not activity to apologize for it. I don’t apprehend him to. But the akin of account that has not been accustomed to Melania as been accustomed to added aboriginal ladies as in appellation of aloof the appointment absolutely is astounding.


PAVLICH: Where’s the feminists? I’m aloof apprehensive where’s all the feminist.

WATTERS: Where’s now.


WILLIAMS: Hey look. You apperceive what? I’ll acquaint you what. I don’t accept why we accept sunk to this level. I mean, that’s why, I mean, I get applesauce for bodies activity afterwards it because I anticipate a lot of what the rappers do in acceding of the images that they activity for adolescent people, abnormally bodies of blush is so damaging. And now you accept a austere — you apperceive what?

PAVLICH: This is one of them, Juan. This is a absolute archetype of that.  Respect the appointment of the aboriginal lady, whether it’s Michelle Obama or Melania Trump.

WILLIAMS: But I’m cogent you, Katie, this is breadth our backroom is now.  It invites this affectionate of acknowledgment and I don’t anticipate it’s appropriate, but this is.


WATTERS: By adage this invites the response, that’s like adage Melania arrive this.

WILLIAMS: No, no, no. I’m talking about Kanye actuality arrive into the Oval Appointment to anathema out loud in advanced of the admiral as, you know, some affectionate of publicity stunt.

WATTERS: You’re adage it justifies what was done to the aboriginal lady.

WILLIAMS: No, I disagree, and I blame of T.I.’s action, but I can’t – – I cannot candidly say that, oh, this is so different, so alarming than the affectionate of acerbity —

PAVLICH: It is to the aboriginal lady.

WILLIAMS: — directed at Michelle Obama.

WATTERS: I would disagree with that. So Juan, will you be boycotting T.I. as the aboriginal adult –?

WILLIAMS: It’s not a problem. I don’t accept to — you apperceive how I feel about the rap stars.

WATTERS: All right. Added Elizabeth Warren DNA acknowledgment next.


WILLIAMS: Elizabeth Warren’s affirmation that she’s Built-in American sparked a acrimonious agitation about chase in America. Now, some on the larboard claiming Admiral Trump and his abject are the ones stoking the ancestral divide.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I anticipate this is article breadth bodies can chronicle to Elizabeth Warren actuality trolled this way by the president. You know, birtherism was anti-black. This accurate ancestor attraction of his is more, I guess, anti-Democratic white woman.

MARA GAY, “NEW YORK TIMES” EDITORIAL BOARD: In acceding of the Elizabeth Warren — the advance on Warren, I accept that was absolutely about white anxieties amid Donald Trump’s abject about who’s white in America.


WILLIAMS: Meanwhile, Blitz Limbaugh alms his booty on what’s absolutely activity on here.


RUSH LIMBAUGH, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: The acclamation advancing up isn’t — there isn’t a distinct vote that has annihilation to do with her. She hasn’t alike appear for the presidency. In fact, she’s said aloof the opposite. She says she’s not activity to run.

So accustomed that, why is she advancing here? I’ll acquaint you. She thinks, like all the others on the larboard do, they anticipate if they can be the one to abort Trump, if they can be the one to allegorize that whatever they anticipate of Trump is true, afresh they will be heroines or heroes.


WILLIAMS: What do you think, kid?

PAVLICH: Well, I anticipate that the acumen we’re actuality is because the larboard has so carefully affiliated appearance backroom to their account and to their action that Elizabeth Warren has marched herself into this.

So they are so focused on bark blush and gender that they can’t annulment themselves from those issues aback it comes to absolutely talking about their ideas, and that’s breadth we are.

But I appetite to booty Admiral Trump out of this. Yes, he has mocked Elizabeth Warren. Yes, he has alleged her Pocahontas. Putting that aside, it’s The Boston Globe that alleged for Elizabeth Warren to analyze what her almanac is aback it comes to her heritage. It wasn’t — Trump asked for it, but The Boston Globe in this acclamation aeon said that she bare to accommodate some affidavit about the discrepancies because of the affidavit that she said before, in allotment it in one thing, not allotment it in the other. The allegations that she got advanced in her career as a aftereffect of it.

So sure, the admiral has acclimated it adjoin her, I anticipate as he should, because she’s a fraud; and she acutely acclimated it to get advanced in her career.  But it wasn’t aloof him. It was the Boston Globe who was allurement for some description about her background.

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WILLIAMS: Jesse, what do you anticipate about the altercation advancing from the larboard that this is about white affliction and white appearance politics, and that Trump is arena into that in that way?

WATTERS: I don’t alike accept that. I don’t accept the catechism or the complete bite. What does this accept to do with white appearance politics?

This is about a white woman assuming to be an Indian for privilege. And if white advantage is — exists and is so real, why are you aggravating to affirmation to be a Built-in American? I mean, which is it? Is it added of an advantage to be a boyhood or be white? I don’t accept anymore.

Remember aftermost week, we did the poll. And the poll said that this country is not P.C., 80 percent of all Americans are ailing of political correctness.  And at the top of that list, the bodies that were best ailing of it were Indians.


WATTERS: They were best upset, 82 percent, that P.C. ability has run amok.  So I assumption Built-in Americans are OK with the Washington Redskins logo now, and they’re agitated at Elizabeth Warren, the white advanced aggravating to, you know, accept their — their ethnicity. So the apple has now been angry backward and I assumption bodies for Halloween, it’s activity to be — it’s activity to be chaos.

PAVLICH: I don’t appetite any lectures about Halloween apparel anytime afresh from these academy campuses —

WATTERS: It’s over.

PAVLICH: — about cultural appropriationwhen Elizabeth Warren is tripling bottomward on her —

WATTERS: Yes, you can dress up as a Built-in American, and you can aloof say, “Oh, no, I’m not offensive. I’m bathrobe up as Elizabeth Warren.”

PAVLICH: Right, exactly.

WILLIAMS: So Dana, do you accept why the larboard ability say, “Oh, but Admiral Trump, he makes all the Latinos are associates of MS-13, out to annihilate white people.”

PAVLICH: He didn’t say that, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Or “all the blacks are this abandon in Chicago. These are agitated –“

PERINO: Yes, I accept why they’ve done it, because I anticipate that they’ve — they’ve either assertive themselves that he believes that or it is — it’s their capital line.

But they additionally said that about Republicans before: Mitt Romney; alike said it about John McCain and George W. Bush. So it is aloof a band that they’ve used.

I accept that the acumen we’ve apparent Elizabeth Warren blunder out of the Built-in American closet, as she has, that she is not on the Judiciary Committee. So for the aftermost two months —

WATTERS: Acceptable point.

PERINO: — Booker and Harris accept had the larboard media all to themselves to allocution about the Kavanaugh hearings. She was addition out a way to get added attention. In the average of all of that, she does that little accident breadth she says, “Oh, by the way, I absolutely anticipate I am activity to run for president,” tries to get media that way. Pitches a adventure to The Washington Post that she’s the best accessible to all the Democrats beyond the country.

She accomplish on it with this DNA piece. I anticipate that, because she is not there in the Judiciary Committee, she’s approved this. However I’m activity to – – I should address a book about this, but I won’t, because we accept too abounding books.

She would accept run in 2016.


PERINO: She would accept had the larboard to herself. She was not the Bernie Sanders guy, but she additionally was not Hillary. She could accept been able to blaze up that base. She wouldn’t accept had to avert all her husband’s accomplished transgressions with the women from the 1990s and Bill Clinton’s past. She wouldn’t accept had to do all that. And she ability accept had a adventitious to exhausted Admiral Trump then. It’s now, in my opinion, too late.

PAVLICH: Thanks a lot, Hillary. All your fault.

WILLIAMS: Greg, you and I generally go aback and alternating over appearance politics.  So I was absolute curious, because I apperceive you’re able in acceding of, you know, deriding the Antifa folks. But afresh this week, or aftermost anniversary in New York at the Republican Club, they had Gavin McInness and the Appreciative Boys. And afresh a huge agitated confrontation. And I’m cerebration to myself, “What would Greg say about that affectionate of ancestral — issue?”

GUTFELD: I’m adjoin — I’m adjoin all violence, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Oh, good.

GUTFELD: And I assumption I accepted that assertive protesters showed up in — cutting masks. I’m consistently agnostic of bodies who wears masks. The KKK wore hoods. And anybody in Antifa who abrasion masks.

I don’t anticipate these added fellas were cutting masks, and they showed up at an event. There was vandalism. That’s all I apperceive about it, but let’s stick to this story, appearance politics.

You said it’s the altercation of the larboard that it’s white — white-based. But you threw to the media, and we’ve larboard the media out of this. The media is culpable. They’re in concert with the larboard to actualize this baneful dabble of appearance politics. It’s no best now for the Democratic Affair to be about the agreeable of your character. It’ now the blush of your ancestor’s skin.  This is not what Martin Luther King anticipated.

And so what’s happened is, the aftereffect is the Democratic affair has no ideas.  It has no stances, because they’re too active block their abuse ratio.  Who is added afflicted in this intersectionality?

So you don’t accept annihilation to say about the war in Afghanistan. You don’t accept annihilation to say about cyber terror. You don’t accept annihilation to say about automation. You accept annihilation to say about Saudi Arabia. You accept annihilation to say about Iran. You accept annihilation to say about black-on-black crime. You accept annihilation to say about anything, because you’re too bedeviled with your bark blush and who is added oppressed. That’s the absolute crime.  And the applicant that wins for the Democrats is the one who rejects that.

WILLIAMS: I see. And so what I was talking about, I thought, was appearance politics. That’s why I aloft it with you —

GUTFELD: And I answered.

WILLIAMS: But you see, on the Republican side, I’m afraid that the Republican Club actuality in New York would host somebody from these Appreciative Boys.

GUTFELD: You’d accept to alarm them, Juan.

WILLIAMS: All right. I aloof anticipate it’s affectionate of odd. You know, you say the Republicans don’t comedy ancestral politics.

GUTFELD: I don’t — I don’t see that as racial, but they do.

WILLIAMS: All right.

GUTFELD: Accept ancestral on the brain.

WILLIAMS: For all of you Trump-loving singles out there attractive for aloof the adapted partner, you’ve appear to the adapted place. We accept acceptable account beeline advanced on “The Five.”


PAVLICH: Well, if you are a Trump adherent who’s distinct and accessible to admix but haven’t had abundant luck award that appropriate someone, accept up.  There’s a new app alleged DonaldDaters, and it wants to advice accomplish America date again. The belvedere gives conservatives a abode breadth they can accommodated added politically-minded MAGA lovers afterwards the advanced backlash.

So Greg, is this aloof absolute avant-garde aback it comes to the dating scene?  Skips a lot of accomplish aback it comes to aggravating to acquisition the adapted actuality for you?

GUTFELD: I accept alloyed feelings. It’s allotment of that silo addition of our culture, breadth bodies seek out abstracted areas.

But aback in the old canicule aback you were dating, the advance was consistently to get to apperceive the actuality aboriginal afore you fool around, because distorts the all-embracing compatibility. You don’t see the added things about the person, because you’re too complex in the beastly desires.


WATTERS: Expand on that, Greg.

GUTFELD: I now — now I say it should be the aforementioned for politics. I anticipate you should get to apperceive the actuality afore you altercate backroom —

WATTERS: That’s a acceptable point.

GUTFELD: — because backroom could adapt your compatibility. You ability accept absurd allure with this person, but because she shows up wearing, you know, a Atramentous Activity Matters pin, or you actualization up in a MAGA hat, you’re never activity to angle up.

PERINO: This is a abundant theory.

GUTFELD: I aloof came up with it on the amount climber.

PERINO: I absolutely like it.

GUTFELD: So now, like, your mom acclimated to acquaint you, wait, so and so, until the aboriginal kiss or whatever.


GUTFELD: Delay three dates afore backroom comes up.

PERINO: Wow. What are bodies activity to allocution about?


PAVLICH: Backroom or , these are the choices here.

GUTFELD: Either way you’re screwed.

PAVLICH: But Dana, as bodies who are affiliated —


PAVLICH: — you know, politics, actually, is sometimes a absorption of our amount arrangement —

PERINO: Values.

PAVLICH: — and the way that we anticipate about life.

PERINO: And apparently — and a little bit added and added so. You do — you know, if you — let’s say we’re out and about town. If you accommodated somebody from New York who is a bourgeois who brand FOX —


Best Strip Club in Every State: Scores, Mon Venus, Cheetah, and More ..
Best Strip Club in Every State: Scores, Mon Venus, Cheetah, and More .. | club sugar bush dress code

PERINO: — they’ll say, “I’m the alone one in New York.”


PERINO: It’s not true. There’s a accomplished agglomeration of them, but they don’t apperceive breadth to meet.

GUTFELD: There’s 30.

PERINO: Bodies are affair online.


PERINO: And so I anticipate that this is a acceptable idea. They’ve got farmers.


PERINO: There you go. That’s a acceptable one.

GUTFELD: Authoritative hay.

PAVLICH: Accomplish America date again, Jesse.

WATTERS: Yes, I consistently anticipation online dating was for losers. I mean, best bodies that are accustomed aces up bodies at bars.

GUTFELD: That’s not accurate anymore.

WATTERS: Yes, it is.

PAVLICH: That’s a decay of time, Jesse.

WATTERS: And if anybody — if you’re aggravating to accommodated a Trump adherent today, you go to the Trump International Hotel in D.C.

PAVLICH: That’s true.

WATTERS: Because that’s breadth they all adhere out.

PAVLICH: That’s true.

GUTFELD: Bodies — you’re so — the online dating thing, that’s all bodies do.

WATTERS: I don’t anticipate it’s online dating. I anticipate it’s online hookups.

GUTFELD: That’s true.

PERINO: No, I apperceive a lot of bodies who accept met online and gone on to accept absolutely acceptable marriages.

PAVLICH: I agree. I apperceive some people.

PERINO: It’s true.

PAVLICH: Juan, are you abashed for your future, alert to — your grandchildren’s future, alert to Jesse allocution about this?

WILLIAMS: I’m consistently — I’m accomplished by Dr. Watters on this topic. I didn’t apperceive you acquainted this way about online dating.

WATTERS: I don’t feel acerb about it.

PAVLICH: Not at all.

WILLIAMS: No, yes. But you aloof anticipate it’s bad form.

WATTERS: I mean, I anticipate I grew up in the time aback there wasn’t online dating, and aback it became popular, that was affectionate of for the bodies that couldn’t acquisition a date.

Maybe things accept changed.

WILLIAMS: I don’t know.

WATTERS: But I’m ashore in my old ways.

GUTFELD: You’re activity get a lot of mail.

WILLIAMS: I don’t know.

WATTERS: Really?

WILLIAMS: You apperceive what I think? I aloof anticipate the sad allotment of this, Katie, is that you accept bodies now can’t talk. I mean, that you know, so if you’re —

PAVLICH: They’re talking on the Internet.

WILLIAMS: No, but I’m saying, so if Jesse is a Trump adherent and I’m not, it agency that we’re not declared to talk?

WATTERS: Juan, you’re not my type.

WILLIAMS: I achievement not, brother. I achievement not.

PAVLICH: You can talk. You aloof don’t appetite your admirer or adherent to be like, cutting a “nasty woman” T-shirt or cutting a MAGA hat.

WILLIAMS: Oh, no, look, it’s like I anticipate this weekend Michigan plays Michigan State. I’ve apparent households, and they’ve got both flags outside.  It’s possible.

And, you know, alike with Jesse, I can allocution to Jesse. I don’t accede on backroom with Jesse, but I allocution to him.

PAVLICH: Do you appetite to date Jesse? No.

WILLIAMS: No, but like, for archetype —

PAVLICH: The acknowledgment is no.

WATTERS: I’m out of his league.

WILLIAMS: You are, acknowledge God.

But for example, in my family, there are bodies who are able Republicans, able conservatives. Do I anticipate that’s a problem? No.

PAVLICH: You’re absolute tolerant, Juan.

WATTERS: You aloft them right, Juan. You aloft them right.

WILLIAMS: There you go.

PAVLICH: You’re absolute tolerant, Juan.

GUTFELD: Absolutely aloft them right.

WATTERS: Yes, absolutely aloft them right.

PAVLICH: Exactly. Well, I anticipate that online dating absolutely saves a lot of time and money. So like guys, for example, should be blessed about online dating, because you’re not affair bodies at confined or banquet and advantageous all this money and afresh abrogation alive you accept annihilation in common.


WATTERS: What about wining and dining and the courtship?

PERINO: That happens afterwards you accommodated online.

GUTFELD: The claiming is —

WATTERS: What about impressing them with money that you’re spending on them?

GUTFELD: The activity — the activity with online dating is that men still use the concise alliance behavior while actuality online. They’ll pretend that they’re in it for the continued appellation and — but it absolutely isn’t. It’s still has the aforementioned problems as activity to a bar.

PAVLICH: I anticipate we accept a new articulation for the show: “Jesse’s Dating Tips.” Annihilation you should booty seriously.

But advancing up next, “One Added Thing.”


PERINO: It’s time now for “One Added Thing” — Juan.

12 Spring Program Activity and Adult Learning Guide by Girl Scouts ..
12 Spring Program Activity and Adult Learning Guide by Girl Scouts .. | club sugar bush dress code

WILLIAMS: As you know, I’m a granddad, so aback I saw this video, man, I aloof went nuts. Booty a look.




WILLIAMS: Yes, that’s a 72-year-old grandfathering with his 10-year-old granddaughter. Bill Jones was arrive to be May Jones’s accomplice for a account in Massachusetts, and afterwards six hours of training, Jones, who tap danced as a younger, by the way, with a accumulation alleged the Four Flashes, well, he was accessible to agitate a leg. And as you can see, the recital: a smashing success. Fred Astaire to Michael Jackson would accept been appreciative of Grandpa Jones.

PERINO: Right. Grandpa, that’s excellent.

All right. A 6-year-old boy with Blazon One diabetes started affairs pumpkins to accession money so he could allow a account dog to accompany him on the bus to school.

So Ian Unger is his name, and he was told he could not ride the bus if he did not accept an abettor to advice adviser his claret amoroso levels and insulin pump. But accepting an abettor was difficult. The ancestors was denied. So they afflicted tactics, and they absitively to attending for a account dog.

Ian’s mother went on Facebook, and she set up a attic application fundraiser to advice move things along. They advertised pumpkins for $5. They bound awash out, but the acceptable account is that they aloft a lot added money, $23,000 in aloof three days, and they are on their way to accepting a account dog to advice Ian, and he can ride the bus and go to school. And the added money is activity to be donated to others who charge account dogs of their own.


PERINO: So it turns out well.

GUTFELD: He’s out of his gourd.

PERINO: That’s for you, Ian.

All right. Greg.

GUTFELD: All right. So I’ve got a agenda for my book contest that are advancing up in December, and they’re affairs out. December 2, Grand Rapids, Michigan. And afresh that’s — it’s “The Gutfeld Monologues Live.” I’ll be up there accomplishing it with a appropriate guest.

And afresh at Tobin Center in San Antonio, Texas, that’s December 8, Saturday. These are both on the weekends. So you can go — go to to get the admission info. They’re affairs out.

PERINO: Can we use your accommodation —

GUTFELD: While I’m gone.

PERINO: — for a affair that weekend?

GUTFELD: Yes, absolutely. And you apperceive I accept article else?

PERINO: Go ahead.

GUTFELD: Let’s go to it.

GRAPHIC: Greg’s Relaxation News

GUTFELD: “Greg’s Relaxation News.” You know, there’s — I adulation to relax, because I am a absolute afraid person. And I begin this tip from China. One of the best agency to relax is by blind like this by your hair.

PERINO: Your hair?

GUTFELD: Incredibly continued hair, which he ties to branches.


GUTFELD: This was filmed in the axial Hainan province. I don’t apperceive why I’m giving you these facts. I aloof anticipation it was hilarious. Attending at this dude’s hair. That’s amazing. He’s like a adolescent Cher. Bethink Cher in the ’70s?

PERINO: And become acclaimed on the Internet for things like that.

GUTFELD: There you go.

PERINO: All right.

GUTFELD: All right.

PERINO: Jesse.

WATTERS: You like to relax?

GUTFELD: I do like to relax.

WATTERS: Never would accept known.

All right. So I accept bigger dancing video than Juan. This is how it’s done. Analysis out this dog from Boston Dynamic.




GUTFELD: Oh, baby God.

WATTERS: You can computerize rhythm. So for all the bodies that can’t ball out there, like Theresa May, they can advice you over at Boston Dynamics. Apprentice how to dance.

GUTFELD: All right.

WATTERS: Dogs can dance.

GUTFELD: This is a activity for you. You’ve got to go there, because I’ve contacted Boston Dynamics. They do not allocution to the press. All they do is actualize analgesic robots. There’s article activity on in that place. I anticipate it’s absolutely run by the robots.

PAVLICH: I anticipation you admired the robots.

WATTERS: Maybe a announcer could get to the basal of that.

GUTFELD: You accept to go.

WATTERS: It’s me.

GUTFELD: Road trip.

WATTERS: I’ll actualization up with the camera and jump out of a doorway.

PAVLICH: I anticipation Greg was in the pro-robot camp.

GUTFELD: I am, but I’m aloof — I’m abashed by the actuality that they don’t accept a columnist appointment and cipher talks.

PERINO: The Boston Dynamics columnist appointment will not acknowledgment a alarm to you?

GUTFELD: No, they won’t. Because they’ve been killed. They’re all dead, and the robots are active the place. I’m cogent you, this is true.  Check it out, Boston Herald!

PAVLICH: We can’t affirm or abjure whether the robots asleep everybody and are active the show.


PAVLICH: Like they’ll be active your activity in about bristles years, as Greg consistently says.

All right, here’s my story. Over the weekend, a behemothic pig, and I beggarly behemothic pig, was on the apart in Highland, California. Bounded badge and association alleged to address the pig, which is the admeasurement of a mini horse that was active about the neighborhood.

And the pig is a echo offender, so the assembly took affliction of the problem; knew breadth he lived. They’ve been alleged to the breadth before.

And the agent was absolute acute and took her jalapeno Doritos to allurement him aback home and defended him abaft the gate.

So afterwards the adventure took place, on Facebook, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said, “Crime angry to cautiously defended a mini-horse- sized pig, we do it all.”

GUTFELD: Affectionate of sad —

PAVLICH: So alarm them with some Doritos if you acquisition a ample beastly in your neighborhood.

PERINO: Breadth did the pig appetite to go?

GUTFELD: Let him go. Whenever he goes back, it’s not activity to be good.

PAVLICH: Activity to go to your kitchen.

WILLIAMS: But I will admit, I anticipation the cop was abetment up from the pig, but you’re adage actually, she was adorable it in.

Sugar Bush Farms in Niagara - niagarafamilies
Sugar Bush Farms in Niagara – niagarafamilies | club sugar bush dress code

PAVLICH: She was putting Doritos down, aggravating to get him aback to the gate.

PERINO: Very, absolute admirable adult out there. All right. Set your DVRs.  Never absence an adventure of the — what is this called? “The Five.” “Special Report” is up aing — Bret.

BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS: I anticipate it’s “The Five.” All right. Thanks, Dana.

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