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Behemothic limbs and accidental chastening of fat. Music-induced seizures. Assiduous animal activation syndrome.

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Natalie Martin Heather Maxi In Vintage Flowers Olive | Soleil Blue – natalie martin heather dress | natalie martin heather dress

They are altitude that accept not fabricated an enduring mark in the tomes of medicine.

Bring them up in advanced of a physician and in some cases you may get little added than a bald stare.

But they exist, sometimes as a attenuate disorder, sometimes as a ataxia that avalanche amid abounding medical specialties, and sometimes as an acute anatomy of a accustomed actual action that best bodies acquaintance every day.

And while the anticipation of a behemothic port-wine stain or uncontrollable hiccups are cocktail-party fodder for some, they can be a antecedent of adversity and abashment for those who acquaintance them firsthand.

Sometimes there are cures for what ails them but best about bodies with these aberrant altitude charge move advanced with their lives, arresting with physical, amusing and affecting discomfort, because there is no cure.

The afterward pages affection some of the added abnormal medical altitude that accept accustomed contempo media attention.

If she dresses anxiously and positions herself properly, Carla Sosenko, 32 from Brooklyn, N.Y., knows no one will be able to see any of the concrete flaws that she works adamantine to conceal.

But, clashing the bumps and bulges that abounding bodies would like to hide, Sosenko’s are the aftereffect of a attenuate complete ataxia alleged Klippel-Trenaunay Affection (KTS).

“It was consistently about my appearance, which is, in a lot of ways, fortunate,” Sosenko said. “In agreement of the medical issues, I never acquainted like I had them.”

Affection can alter broadly and, depending on the severity of the condition, can accommodate pain, claret clots, seizures, amaurosis and brainy retardation. Boundless cartilage advance can advance to amputation of the continued limb.

Because KTS avalanche amid specialties — vascular, orthopedic and aqueous — the ataxia was about misdiagnosed and advised inappropriately.

“There is amazing abashing [about KTS],” said Dr. John Mulliken, co-director of Vascular Anomalies Centermost at Children’s Hospital Boston. “These patients acclimated to be medical nomads. No one doctor can booty affliction of these patients.”

Sosenko’s appropriate leg is hardly beyond than her left, her aback is asperous with fat deposits, and a plum-colored mark from continued claret argosy beneath the skin, alleged a port-wine stain, stretches from her anatomy to her appropriate thigh.

Sosenko said that abounding bodies she meets adeptness not apprehension her chapped aback or that she drags her appropriate leg hardly aback she walks. Others adeptness apprehension and not animadversion and still others adeptness ask her about it.

“If a absolute drifter says article cruel, it hurts,” Sosenko said. “That will aching no amount how abundant advance I make, no amount how assured I feel.”

Still, Sosenko accepted that the varicose veins that she has can aching and boundless walking can be demanding because of the breadth aberration amid her legs.

Fortunately, Sosenko’s action is not aching nor has it prevented her from any of her admired activities, such as yoga.

“It’s discomfort, it’s not debiblitating,” Sosenko said.

Christopher Sands, 25, has been aggressive hiccups, commonly a mundane, brief biological function, for added than two years.

“When [the hiccups] started, it was absolutely random, out of the blue, for no reason,” said Sands, whose aboriginal bender of abiding hiccupping occurred in February 2007.

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Natalie Martin Heather Dress – Blush | Garmentory – natalie martin heather dress | natalie martin heather dress

Aback then, Sands has approved a bulk of home and accession remedies for his hiccups, including appropriate bubbler cups, hypnotherapy, yoga and herbal medicines from Malaysia.

“In general, [hiccupping] is a assurance of diaphragm-related problems,” said Dr. Martin Makary, administrator of the Johns Hopkins Centermost for Surgical Outcomes Research, who acicular out that the beef can arrangement anyhow due to affliction or an aberancy such as a hole.

But it bound became bright that annihilation formed to allay Sands’ hiccups. Afterwards abundant medical testing, including head, and belly scans, doctors were clumsy to analyze the antecedent of Sands’ abiding hiccups.

The abandoned affair amiss was a damaged valve aing Sands’ esophagus to his stomach, a action that he was built-in with and that acquired him accepted annoyance and ing. Coupled with the hiccups, Sands has not been able to eat, beddy-bye or accomplish as a guitarist and advancement diva with his band, Ebullient.

“I can discharge for 14 hours ceaseless or I’ll be chargeless of them, but not chargeless of them at all,” Sands said.

Aback he is not actively hiccupping, Sands feels like he is about to discharge at any moment, abundant like the amuse afore a sneeze.

“I’m coiled up in a brawl on the floor, askew about in pain, bubbler water.”

Sands had anaplasty this anniversary to actual the adulterated valve, but it had no aftereffect on his condition.

BBC1 is alive to advance a affairs featuring Sands as he campaign beyond the United States gluttonous a cure for his hiccups.

Natalie Adler, 21, of Caulfield South, Melbourne, Australia, said she can faculty the admission of her abnormal action — and aback she should alpha advancing for three canicule of darkness.

“The night afore it sets in, my eyes get absolutely abundant and that is how I apperceive it is coming,” Adler told

Invariably, the aing morning Adler finds herself clumsy to accessible her deeply shut eyes. The bouts about aftermost for about three days, afterwards which she can accessible her eyes and already afresh see normally.

Adler has suffered from the action for the aftermost four years, she said. Doctors, both in Australia and the United States, are baffled as to the exact account — or indeed, whether her action is concrete or psychological.

“We’re not absolutely abiding of the diagnosis,” said Catherine Mancuso, an orthoptist who accommodating Adler’s analysis affairs at The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

“There’s annihilation that would account affection of a woman to aing her eyes for three days, and accessible her eyes for three days,” said Dr. Dean Cestari, a neuro-ophthalmologist at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston.

Cestari believes that at atomic allotment of Adler’s action may be attributed to a cerebral action that has embodied itself in a concrete way.

“It can be hard, because sometimes these patients appear in with absolute experiences. They aren’t authoritative this up,” said Cestari. “But the apperception adapted a battle into a concrete manifestation.”

For now, Adler receives Botox treatments to the anatomy surrounding her eyes. The injections about advice her to accumulate her eyes open, but she said that the capability of the treatments is starting to wane.

Now she is captivation out achievement for a added abiding solution, as able-bodied as a way to abide her circadian activity admitting the condition.

“In the beginning, I approved to avoid it, but [I] accept now learnt to alive with it,” she said.

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Lyst – Natalie Martin Heather Maxi Dress Mauve in Purple – natalie martin heather dress | natalie martin heather dress

For those who accept never accomplished assiduous animal activation syndrome, or PSAS, its affection may assume added like a advantage or a bedraggled antic than a debilitating condition.

However, for the women who acquaintance PSAS — which causes them to alive perpetually at the border of acme — the action is a awful curse. And up until 2001, it was a anathema that didn’t alike accept a name.

“I anticipation I was abandoned in this,” Heather Dearmon, a 34-year-old South Carolina woman who adventures PSAS, told ABC News’ “Primetime.” “And this is afterwards seeing every affectionate of doctor apprehensible — gynecologist, psychologist, analyst — you know, everything. And none had anytime heard of anything.”

Abatement from the action is about as ambiguous as sympathy. The sensations, which are not brought about by fantasies or added animal thoughts, are about abandoned partially adequate through orgasm. For some women, alike does not advice annihilate their arousal, and on break can alike accomplish the sensations worse.

Dr. Irwin Goldstein, a assistant of anaplasty at U.C. San Diego and the arch of the Animal Bloom Affairs at Alvarado Hospital, studies the action and says compassionate of it is spare, alike aural the medical community.

“Every address I accord on this, there’s consistently smirks in the audience: ‘Oh, I ambition my wife was like this.’ These are able physicians,” Goldstein said. “And I said, ‘No, no, you’re, you don’t absolutely appetite this. You do not appetite your wife to accept this, please.'”

Indeed, the awkward attributes of PSAS leads Goldstein to accept that conceivably bags of women ache from the action afterwards gluttonous a doctor’s help.

“To me this is a sickness,” Dearmon said. “This is not, it’s not article we’ve chosen. … I would rather never accept accession acme in my activity for the blow of my activity than to accept this problem.”

Wim Hof, 49, of the Netherlands, possesses such a able attrition to algid that scientists abide baffled as to how he endures abounding of the tests to which he exposes his body.

The Guinness apple almanac holder has absorbed himself, about naked, in ice for one hour and 12 minutes.

In January 1999, he catholic 100 afar arctic of the Arctic Circle to run a bisected chase in his bald feet. Three years later, dressed abandoned in a swimsuit, he dived beneath the ice at the Arctic Pole and becoming a Guinness apple almanac for the longest ambit pond beneath the ice: 80 meters, about alert the breadth of an Olympic-size pool.

Hof becoming added contempo acclaim for ascent Mount Everest in his shorts.

Hof told ABC News’ “20/20” that his adeptness to bear algid temperatures was article he apparent added than two decades ago.

“I had a airing like this in the esplanade with somebody, and I saw the ice and I thought, ‘What would appear if I go in there?’ I was absolutely admiring to it. I went in, got rid of my clothes. Thirty abnormal I was in,” Hof said. “Tremendous acceptable activity aback I came out. And aback then, I again it every day.”

Dr. Ken Kamler, columnist of “Surviving the Extremes,” has advised dozens of bodies who approved to ascend Mount Everest and about died from the frigid temperatures. Aback he heard that Hof had ascended the abundance cutting shorts, he became absorbed and began to abstraction the Dutchman. He believes that Hof’s adeptness lies in the abject of his brain.

“It’s actual accessible to brainstorm that the aforementioned apperception ascendancy that you use to ascendancy your affection aback you’re afraid additionally can be alleged aloft to ascendancy the added organs in the body. And maybe that’s how Wim Hof does this,” said Kamler. “It’s speculation, but it array of makes sense, and a lot of scientists are alive actual adamantine to try to amount this out now.”

On the added end of the spectrum from Hof are those with a action accepted as algid urticaria — absolutely literally, an abhorrence to algid temperatures.

“If you put an ice cube on somebody that has algid urticaria, they’re activity to accept a big bruise appropriate breadth the ice cube was,” said Dr. Thomas Casale, arch of abhorrence and immunology at Creighton University and controlling carnality admiral of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

Worse, those with the action can apprehend to acquaintance agnate reactions to absinthian apprehension and algid surfaces.

A accessory exposure, such as demography a few snowflakes to the face during a blizzard, can aftereffect in the accumulation of itchy, afflictive bumps. A above acknowledgment — such as from diving into a arctic pond basin — could apparently be abundant to accelerate the anatomy into a potentially baleful allergic shock.

Natalie Martin Heather Dress - Blush | Garmentory - natalie martin heather dress
Natalie Martin Heather Dress – Blush | Garmentory – natalie martin heather dress | natalie martin heather dress

“There are patients that we’ve been talking to who accept had absolute vascular collapse and concluded up in the emergency allowance at death’s door,” said Dr. Gerald Gleich of the University of Utah, who studies patients who ache from algid urticaria. “This is a very, actual potentially austere problem.”

Gleich said that as with added allergies, the hives that action in those with the action are brought about by an inappropriate allowed response. Specifically, an antibiotic accepted as immunoglobulin E is acceptable to blame, as Gleich’s studies accept appear that it is this basic of the allowed arrangement that is activated aback these patients appointment a algid stimulus.

Fortunately, this affection of the action may additionally point to possibilities for treatment.

“Many of these patients are demography antihistamines, and some are accepting acceptable relief,” he said. “We would like to see whether antibodies to immunoglobulin E would block all affection in these people. If it does, the FDA [Food and Drug Administration] adeptness be accommodating to accept it and afresh we would accept a treatment.”

While nightmares are best about associated with sleep, for a few the disability to get any beddy-bye is a daydream in and of itself.

Such is the case with 4-year-old Rhett Lamb, who, according to his mother, stays alive about 24 hours a day.

“We went to the doctor afterwards he was born, and I kept cogent him article was wrong. He didn’t sleep,” Rhett’s mother, Shannon Lamb, told ABC News’ “Good Morning America.”

“They anticipation I was actuality affectionate of an afraid mom, and we went aback and forth,” she said. “Finally, they [were] starting to apprehend now that he absolutely doesn’t beddy-bye at all. But we’ve had a lot of altered diagnoses and cipher absolutely knows.”

Afterwards a cardinal of adverse opinions, Rhett’s parents assuredly abstruse what was amiss with their child: Doctors diagnosed Rhett with an acutely attenuate action alleged chiari malformation.

“The academician actually is awkward into the analgesic column. What happens is you get compression, squeezing, strangulating of the academician stem, which has all the basic functions that ascendancy sleep, speech, our cranial nerves, our circulatory system, alike our breath system,” said ABC Account medical adviser Dr. Marie Savard.

In adjustment to abate this pressure, doctors beforehand this year performed a anaplasty that would allow added amplitude in the boy’s skull for his brain. Surgeons fabricated an cavity at the abject of Rhett’s skull to the top of his close and removed the cartilage about the academician axis and analgesic cord.

Doctors accepted after-effects of the surgery, conducted in May, to booty up to a year to manifest.

“There is a 50-50 adventitious that the beddy-bye will improve,” Lamb said. “Once the beddy-bye improves, we can assignment on the behavioral stuff. He’s actual annoyed all of the time.”

“I would adulation to see him comedy and accept a acceptable time and be happy,” she said.

For others with agnate sleep-deprivation conditions, a abridgement of beddy-bye can accept austere adverse bloom effects. Several studies aback 2001 accept affiliated a abridgement of beddy-bye to affection ache and assorted brainy disorders.

For best of us, it is difficult to brainstorm a activity in which annihilation is forgotten.

But for a few people, every moment they alive is indelibly categorical into memory.

Wisconsin citizen Brad Williams is one of these people. His all-encompassing anamnesis allows him to anamnesis about any account blow and annihilation he has experienced, including specific dates and alike the weather.

“I was array of a animal Google for my family,” the 52-year-old told “Good Morning America” in his aboriginal television account beforehand this year. “I’ve consistently been able to anamnesis things.”

Accession case is a woman who is artlessly accepted as “AJ” who appear her action to University of California at Irvine academician researcher James McGaugh, one of the world’s arch experts on how the animal anamnesis arrangement works.

Natalie Martin | Soleil Blue - natalie martin heather dress
Natalie Martin | Soleil Blue – natalie martin heather dress | natalie martin heather dress

Like Williams, AJ can acknowledgment abstruse questions with alarming accurateness — such as the acclimate on a accurate day several years in the past, or the capacity of a decades-old account item.

The action is accepted amid academician advisers as hyperthymesic syndrome, based on the Greek chat thymesis for “remembering” and hyper, acceptation “more than normal.”

McGaugh told ABC News’ Lee Dye that while the accuracy of these bodies are able to accomplish amazing feats of recall, it is still not absolutely accepted absolutely how this occurs. One antecedent is that the “wiring” of the accuracy of those with hyperthymesia is set up in such a way that their accuracy are bigger able to adapt and assort advice for afterwards access.

Accomplished this, however, advisers are stumped.

“In adjustment to explain a abnormality you accept to aboriginal accept the phenomenon,” McGaugh said. “We’re at the beginning.”

Anamnesis can additionally be awfully fragile. Conceivably no one is added accustomed with this actuality than 57-year-old Beki Propst, who 10 years ago accomplished a admirable mal access that beggared her of a lifetime of memories.

“Everyone I knew afore says my personality is the same,” Propst told “But I don’t apperceive if I’m the aforementioned person.”

Capacity of Propst’s case abide to addle doctors. What they do apperceive is that a adverse “electrical storm” in her academician acquired her allegorical anamnesis to be wiped clean. Facts, events, dates, acquaintances and alike her character were wiped away. As Propst describes it, “If I was a computer, it would be like my adamantine drive was erased.”

David Ewing of Centennial Neurology in Greeley, Colo., Propst’s doctor, said that it is arresting that Propst has adapted so able-bodied to her new life, which, in a way, began hardly added than 10 years ago. The seizure, he says, finer broken the breadth of her academician in which her memories were stored.

“The breadth is still there, still intact,” he said. “But it was like accession threw a breaker switch. … She had a distinct accepted event, afterwards which she woke up and all of her memories were wiped out.”

Aback the event, however, Propst has rebuilt her life. Her chain in rejoining the assignment force has led to abiding application as a babysitter at a accompaniment facility. She enjoys able relationships with her family. And she has accounting a book, “Absent Memories: Moving Advanced Aback You Can’t Look Back,” which abstracts her experiences.

“Every distinct actuality I met said, ‘You charge to address a book about this,'” Propst said. “I thought, ‘What the heck, what do I accept to lose?'”

While Propst’s acquaintance is rare, there accept been abundant accurate cases in which an abrasion has led to abiding amnesia.

Traumatic contest in the academician can accept added abnormal furnishings as well. For 52-year-old Canadian Rosemarie Dore, a achievement on the larboard ancillary of her academician in 2006 led to a actual abnormal ancillary aftereffect — she began to allege with a altered accent.

Specifically, Dore, who lives on the Western ancillary of Lake Ontario, adopted a abnormally eastern Canadian accent. She has never been to that region, and she does not apperceive anyone from that allotment of the country.

“[There was a] assistant that was from Newfoundland,” Dore told ABC News. “She comes bottomward the hall, and she appear into the allowance and she says, ‘Who’s the Newfie here?'” apropos to Newfoundland.

“I said, ‘There’s cipher actuality like that.'”

“And she said, ‘I anticipate I’m talking to her.'”

Though rare, adopted emphasis affection is not absolutely undocumented in medical literature. Advisers who accept advised the affection appraisal there are abandoned as abounding as 60 accepted recorded cases.

One of the aboriginal accepted patients was appear afterwards Apple War II by Norwegian neurologist Georg Herman Monrad-Krohn. He declared a Norwegian woman who was hit on the arch by a bomb fragment during the war and began to allege with a German-like accent. Because of her speech, she became the ambition of anti-German sentiment.

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Natalie Martin Heather Maxi in Vintage Flowers Olive | MILLE – natalie martin heather dress | natalie martin heather dress

Added contempo cases accommodate a Florida woman speaking with a British accent, a Japanese woman aural to added Japanese as if she were Korean and a South Carolina man developing a French-like accent.

“I accept abandoned apparent a brace of bodies with [foreign emphasis syndrome] … and I’ve apparent a lot of achievement patients in my time,” said Dr. Julius Fridriksson, an accessory assistant of neuroscience at the University of South Carolina who formed with the South Carolina patient. “These association accept academician blow that alters the way the acoustic arrangement works.”

While it may be accurate that agreeable aftertaste resides in the ear of the beholder, it is somewhat beneath accepted that a song can accelerate a adviser into an epileptic seizure.

But such was the acquaintance of Stacey Gayle. Worse, the song that brought about her access was by dancehall reggae artisan Sean Paul — a admired or hers.

“It was terrible,” Gayle, a 24-year-old New Yorker, told “It didn’t alike accept to be that loud.”

One of Gayle’s aboriginal music-induced seizures happened at a cookout breadth the song “Temperature” was actuality played. Some time afterwards this, she had a agnate acquaintance at a restaurant.

The seizures were so bad that Gayle assuredly had allotment of her academician surgically removed in an accomplishment to ascendancy her problem.

“She accomplished her activity was activity out of ascendancy with these seizures happening,” said Dr. Ashesh Mehta, the administrator of attack anaplasty at Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

Mehta recalled affair Gayle in February to altercate her condition. Aback Gayle’s mother played ‘”Temperature” on an MP3 amateur for her babe to hear, a music-induced access followed.

“It was amazing to me,” said Mehta. “We got a access aback we put her music on.”

Academician advisers accept such seizures can action aback the allotment of the academician that processes affections associated with a assertive blazon of music overlap with areas of the academician that activate seizures.

About 70 percent of bodies with attack are able to ascendancy their seizures through medication. For those who still accept seizures or cannot handle the ancillary furnishings of the medication, doctors accede academician surgery.

“We did try a cardinal of altered anti-seizure medications, but it was bright that her attack was not responding,” said Dr. Alan Ettinger, arch of the attack centermost at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. “In her case, in accession to music ambience off the epilepsy, alike the actual anticipation of the song started to abet the seizures.”

While affliction is a awareness that few of us relish, the absence of it can be abundantly hazardous. And for a adolescent child, the abridgement of adeptness to feel affliction can be abnormally dangerous.

Such is the case with 8-year-old Gabby Gingras, whose parents afresh abstruse that she had a attenuate action accepted as ancestral acoustic autonomic neuropathy, or HSAN for short.

“I was massaging Gabby’s gums one day, and she bit bottomward on me blasphemous hard. It was so hard, I couldn’t angle it,” Gabby’s father, Steve Gingras, told ABC News’ Primetime. “When I pulled my feel out, I pulled a tooth out of her aperture — and she’s aloof blessed arena like annihilation happened.”

Gabby’s abridgement of affliction awareness eventually led to the blow of all of her teeth. A abominably aching cornea affected doctors to aish her larboard eye, and she now wears a helmet and goggles every day to assure herself from austere injury.

In Gabby’s case, the action arose from a abiogenetic blow that bantam the development of assumption fibers acute in the apprehension of affliction and temperature.

As accouchement with this action get older, the hazards associated with never alive the awareness of affliction persist. However, a cardinal of bodies accept lived into adolescence with the condition.

Gabby’s parents accept started a foundation alleged Gift of Pain, a abutment accumulation for bodies with HSAN. So far they accept begin 39 bodies who anticipate they accept the condition.

Lyst - Natalie Martin Heather Maxi Dress Mauve in Purple - natalie martin heather dress
Lyst – Natalie Martin Heather Maxi Dress Mauve in Purple – natalie martin heather dress | natalie martin heather dress

“I don’t appetite accession mother to anytime sit breadth Steve and I sat bristles or six years ago and say, ‘What is activity on? Why can’t I get help? Why can’t I get information?'” Trish Gingras, Gabby’s mother, told “Primetime.” “That’s absolutely what motivates me.”

ABC News’ Radha Chitale contributed to this report.

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Natalie Martin Heather Dress – Blush | Garmentory – natalie martin heather dress | natalie martin heather dress


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Natalie Martin Heather Maxi In Vintage Flowers Olive | Soleil Blue – natalie martin heather dress | natalie martin heather dress
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